S   U   P   R   A   N   A   T   I   O   N   A   L

"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"


   Supreme Council
of Humanity

"We should demand a fundamentally new way of thinking if mankind wants to survive. The fundamental problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them ."                                                                       
Albert Einstein
theoretical physicist,
Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Global countries
Earth-XXI Aristocrats statistics

1) International organizations - 3
2) Russia - 4
3) United Kingdom - 2




of CITIZENs of the Universe-XXI


Identity numbers    Given names and surnames Country of origin Gl.Citiz. ID No.
   000 000 001
   000 000 002
   000 000 003
   000 000 004
   000 000 005
   000 000 006
   000 000 007
   000 000 008
   000 000 009
   000 000 010
   000 000 011
   000 000 012
 Stephen Hawking
 António Guterres
 Ban Ki-moon
 Irina Bokova
 Nicholas Hagger
 Igor I. Kondrashin
 Svetlana Сhumakova-Izmaylovskya
 Khazret Sovmen
 Alexander Subetto
 United Kingdom
 United Nations
 United Nations
 United Kingdom
   000 0175
   000 0171
   000 001
   000 002
   000 096
   000 005
   000 0154
   000 0156
   000 0176



All these persons have the top world status rank - CITIZEN of the Universe-XXI. By this it is certified that all of them are really the BEST from the best on our planet and nearby Cosmos, in particular:

1. The most highly breeded and civically educated.

2. Possess the most developed consciousness - the basis of wisdom, reason and morality.

3. Correctly and adequately react to everything what is happening in the world, in nearby Cosmos.

All of this gives confidence that they, being the BEST among the best, can perform the most responsible work of global scale and are able to solve the most complex problems and challenges facing Humanity today.
They are fit for the new Global leadership to be elected.


If you feel fit enough and ready to obtain the necessary set of
obligatory for every Human being-XXI civil knowledge and
be inaugurated with the Top nearby Cosmos civil status, you are welcome
to send your Application for CITIZEN of the Universe-XXI certification to:

and become a part of the Universal State of Earth's Leadership
gaining the full set of top civil rights, duties, wisdom, and global and nearby Cosmos resposibility.

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