S   U   P   R   A   N   A   T   I   O   N   A   L

"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity to have elected
a proper global leadership"

Aristotle Philosophical

for educating and certification of
Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth-XXI Aristocrat

Please, note that applications should be filled out in English only
and be submitted electronically by e-mail to:
info@wpf-unesco.org, info@glob-use.org, ikondrashin@ya.ru
Your personal details:

  • Surname -
  • Given name -
  • Country & City of residence -
  • Date of birth -
  • Country of birth -
  • Address -
  • Nationality -
  • E-mail -
  • Telephone number -
  • Company or Organization -
  • Civil status and/or Position -
  • Common education? -
  • If graduate - what University, college? -
  • Any studies in a national civic educational system (if) -
  • Membership in WPF "DIALECTIC" organization -   (YES   or   NO ?)
  • Are you an Earth-XXI Citizen ? What is your sequence number ? -   (YES   or   NO?)

  • (If NO, do become firstly an Earth-XXI Citizen. To start it, please, fill in the appropriate Application form at http://glob-use/eng/socr-sch/wcznrq.htm)
  • Have you learned the CIVIL knowledge deeply enough for this top status -   (YES   or   NO ?)
  • Wnen are you ready to pass the procedure of Earth-XXI Aristocrat certification ? -
  • How do you like to be inaugurated as the Aristocrat-XXI and receive your Aristocrat Certificate and ID card with your personal ID number? -   (PERSONALLY - in Athens       or      DISTANTLY - on-line through your E-mail ?) -
  • Have you paid your Earth-XXI Aristocrathy registration fee and at what amount (see the payment details below) ? -
  • Enclose your photo for your Earth Aristocrat Identity card with your personal ID number
  • If you like to be inaugurated as the Earth-XXI Aristocrat in Greece, then do you need an official personal invitation for you to Greece? Please, mention it here -
  • If you need an application to the Greek Consulate to obtain visa to Greece, then, please, also state the number of your ordinary passport - ______________

Write all the above information details here:


Save all the above data in Word format text and send this page to the WPF Organizing Committee at: info@wpf-unesco.org, info@glob-use.org, ikondrashin@ya.ru

The payment details:

The registration fee for the right to become the Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI is = 500 euro, including the cost of the Certificate, Decoration and the PASSPORT of the Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI.
It is understood that you have already passed the certification procedure on a status rank of the "Citizen of the Earth-XXI", have the appropriate Certificate and your name is in the LIST of "Citizens of the Earth" on the USE website. If so, then you can transfer the above-mentioned registration fee amount in Euro to WPF Bank account in:
ALPHA BANK, Athens, Greece,
IBAN account No.: GR06 0140 1980 1980 0278 6037 120
Swift code: CRBAGRAA
to the name of WPF President Igor Kondrashin

If you like, you have the possibility to pay your Earth-XXI Aristocratship registration fee from your debit or credit card:

We would be greatful to you if you send the information about the transference of your amount with your name to the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM Organization at info@wpf-unesco.org and ikondrashin@ya.ru so that we can start the procedure of assigning you the status of "Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI".
Thank you for your understanding.


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