"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"

Reason, Morality, Justice and Responsibility (including Global Responsibility) are the fundamental values for Humanity, but not money, power or property...


Before start reading the USE website
information, please, first check,
how modern your mental outlook is and
how deeply you understand the reality...


What we all are to realize as soon as possible?

1. That we all live now on our Earth,
which was formed about 4.5 billion years ago

2. The Earth is a part of the Solar system and has “neighborhood”

3. This is the scaled distance between Earth and Moon.

4. Here is how we look like from the Moon...

... and from Mars ...

... and from Saturn

5. Here is the Sun together with planets of the Solar system.
We are that tiny little point down there.

6. How we look like compared to the Sun

7. The Milky Way is enormous. Here is where we are inside it

8. Thinking that all the stars we can see at night
are just part of this yellow circle is mind blowing

9. But don't you ever think the Milky Way is the biggest galaxy in space. Here it is compared to Ic 1011!

10. This is a picture taken from the Hubble telescope. In just this space
there are millions of galaxies, each and everyone of them containing
million of stars, each with planets orbiting around them.

11. Keep in mind that every single inch of your vision of the night sky contains billions of galaxies, stars, planets.

Different views of galaxies, stars, planets.

Some more...

... and some more.

12. So, whenever you think about your life and existence, about the good and bad in this world, keep in mind that we are just a tiny, little dot lost in space. Just a little recap. This is where we live.

13. This is how we look like in our Solar system ...

14. ... and in our interstellar neighborhood.

15. Our neighborhood compared to our galaxy.

16. And how it looks like from farther.

17. Let's zoom out a little more ...

18. Some more ...

19. And here we are, here is the observable universe.
Everything we said before fits in that little red dot.

20. Thus:

21. This little dot, i.e. our planet, became the only known place
in the Universe for Life and for the humans....

22. Earth population late growth ...

per continents ...

... and races.

23. With population cities also grow ...

24. The result is as follows ...

And now plus more than 7000 tons of debris
that flies around the Earth increasing day by day ...

25. Long ago the Humanity was deeply divided:

This division always led to killing and deaths...

26. And what the Humanity should think about and expect...?

... or wait for?

27. Soon self-destruction ...?

...or just "nuclear winter"?

Do you like the current situation on Earth?
What should be normal human & civil reaction for that?

The only solution in the current downward situation on the Earth is this:

Universal ideology of the Humanity
in the XXI century

Universal STATE

28. Meanwhile the new generation is waiting for
your activity to be started...

You may start doing common good!!! Just and
join the most active and responsible part of the global civil community

 If you wish better changes
in the world to become sooner, then, if possible, please -


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