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from Poland

Dear friends,

As a member of WPF and professor who taught at university all around the world, let me assure you. There is no danger of a WWIII at this moment. Do not be afraid. We have not gone so far yet. People still want to enjoy their villas and a good life. Let me outline how do I see the present global situation supported by Bilderberg and other similar pressure groups.

To understand what is going on right now in the world, I propose to consider three policies of the present global agenda.

1. The US, as the main imperial state, is the vehicle for the world transformation. The first policy of the global agenda is to maintain the continuous US world hegemony against two potential competitors: Russia and China. (The global agenda is supported strongly by Israel because the US is perceived as the main guarantor of the Israeli security).

2. The second policy of the global agenda is to get rid of nation-states (make them failed or obsolete) and replace them with larger political entities like the EU or other local empires.

3. The third policy of the global agenda is to mix together all nationalities (as it is clearly visible in the migrant influx to Europe) and to create a universal human being.

Do you want to know my view?

Ad. 1 The task of making the US a permanent world empire, a vehicle of world transformation, is impossible. The US, as any empire in history before, is too week to dominate the world for a longer time. Therefore instead of trying to maintain its empire, the US should rather become a world benevolent hegemony, but this implies cooperation with other countries, rather than imposing will on them.

Ad. 2 The dissolution of nation-states is not desirable. Their dissolution does not serve the purpose of peace. Local empires will in fact create greater conflicts.

Ad. 3. Mixing all nationalities will end in failure because of great civilizational (primarily religious) differences among people that cannot be removed. The mixing of people representing different cultures and civilizations will only lead to the decline of some nationalities and eventually to the decline of the West.

All three policies stimulate conflict. They lead to a world torn by conflicts rather than to the world of please. This is a completely wrong track as a way to peace.

To conclude, if this is not the proper way to human harmony, prosperity and peace, so then, what can be done?

This is a difficult question. The world situation today is very complex. However, first of all, we need to understand that national, cultural and civilizational diversity of humankind is a value and the existence of many independent political entities, in the form of national states that can cooperate in the framework of the UN, is the best possible international arrangement. The UN should be strengthen rather than weakened and the US should assume a position of the world benevolent hegemony rather than of a world empire.


W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, D.Phil. (Oxon)

Professor of Zayed University, Dubai

Political Philosopher


from Palestine

Dear friends,

European support of “Israel” and Palestine come up a lot in our discussions with politicians and even common people here in Spain. Most of the time it is obvious that European elites feel that they are being fair by giving a lot of political and financial aid to “Israel” and some aid to the Palestinian authority. I try to give them some context by explaining that this is like aiding and abetting Nazi Germany while also helping the Vichy government in France under Nazi occupation. Or if this is too harsh an analogy, it is like supporting apartheid South Africa while also supporting chief Buthalesi (king of the Zululand). It is blunt but at least it opens up a discussion to explain about colonialism. 193 countries are members of the UN, more than 70% of them live in a post-colonial era (ie. Have been European colonies at one point or another).

The post-colonial countries are stabilized under one of three scenarios: a) The Algerian model (liberation and removal of colonizers, many of them generations in the colonized country), b) the Australian model (genocide leaving so few natives), c) the South and Central American model (most countries in the world: integration and coexistence in one country). There is no fourth model that is sustainable. Israel like South Africa tried containment in enclaves (bantusanization, people warehousing). It is failing and Israel and its imperialist allies are trying desperately to keep the mirage alive of “wanting peace” and “two-states for two people”. That mirage is merely intended to lengthen the time frame so that more billions can be pocketed. This is the most profitable occupation in human history and Israel makes tens of billions of dollars annually (if not over 100 billion) from the occupation. Israel’s economy has been structured to profit from the conflict and currently over half of government revenue is dependent on three streams of income all of them would be threatened if there is peace; a) weapons/security related exports (tested on the guinea pigs of Gaza every three years), b) foreign aid ($40 billion package of military aid just given to Israel by “Nobel peace prize” winner Obama as a parting gift of his presidency, and c) nearly $12 billion from us (captive Palestinians). Some 70% of European humanitarian aid to Palestinians ends up in Israeli pockets.

We spoke to various groups in areas ranging from environmental conservation to human rights. I publicized my book on “Sharing the Land of Canaan” which is published in Spanish. We met with politicians and with poor people. We met with a research association in San Sebastian with 1700 members and over 100 researchers working on everything from forensic anthropology to mushrooms to insects to environmental impact studies to birds. Like other similar important institutions (including ours of the Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University), they suffer from shortage of funds, shortage of government support, and from the neo-liberal models of an economy emphasizing more on consumerism and less on environmental conservation. We must keep trying though to convince people that the neo-liberal socio-economic system is not sustainable and that we residents of this one blue planet face a challenge that we never faced before with the potential of massive extinctions of species, massive disruptions, hundreds of millions of environmental refugees, and much more. We must act TOGETHER urgently to address these challenges. The elites instead want us to fight each other based on sects (Jews, Shia’, Sunni, Christian, Kurds etc). That way they can milk us for a few more billions and some of them think they will be dead before the world ends!

Many wikileaks secret documents show “Israeli” attempts to drag the US into endless wars (Iraq, Syria, next Iran) including through US proxies/puppets like “Saudi Arabia” which is ‘deliberately targeting impoverished Yemen’s farms and agricultural industry’. Increasing evidence suggests Kingdom is not merely bombing civilians in neighbouring country, but systematically targeting infrastructure survivors will need to avoid starvation when the war is over.

And Hillary Clinton promised to put a “no-fly zone” in Syria and escalate the ongoing start of World War III.

Stay human

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University

Occupied Palestine


from Pakistan

Dear friends,

Though there is no imminent danger of WWIII at the present moment, there is no need either of the US hegemony. This hegemony can never be benevolent for the world. The entire world is full of examples of conflicts, and more conflicts which the US has created.

There is a need to understand that the US policies have always served the large banking and Military Industrial Complex. It is always been the representatives of the MIC that have been elected at the helm of US. In this situation, how can it be a benevolent hegemony ?

The need of the times is to prepare the citizens of the world for non-violent struggle against the US MIC hegemony. It will take time and enormous commitment, and patience. But this is the best solution for the future of humanity.

There is no imminent danger of WW III, I agree, but it is not because of US political wisdom. It is because the rest of the world, excluding the US pawns, is more sane and wise.

Best wishes to all,

Muhammad Faruque Malik

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