S   U   P   R   A   N   A   T   I   O   N   A   L
"Only classical philosophical ideas civically educate, consolidate and unite Humanity into
the single, SUPRArace, SUPRAnational, SUPRAreligious and SUPRAcaste Global citizenship"


Earth-XXI Citizens


Please, note that USE Passport Applications should be filled out in English only
and be submitted electronically by e-mail to: info@glob-use.org & ikondrashin@ya.ru
Your personal details:

  • Surname -
  • Given name(s) -
  • Date of birth -
  • Country of birth -
  • Address of residence -
  • Initial or present nationality and citizenry -
  • E-mail address -
  • Telephone (WhatsApp) number -
  • Company or Organization you are working now in -
  • Civil status and/or Position -
  • Have you passed any studies in the WPF-USE civic educational system? (if) -
  • What is your personal Identity Number in the Worldwide LIST of Citizens of the Earth-XXI - __________
  • If you don't have yet your personal Identity Number in the WORLDWIDE LIST, then, please, apply to receive it accordingly by Earth-XXI Citizenship Application
  • Have you paid your USE Passport of the Citizen 0f the Earth-XXI fee and at what amount (see the payment details below) ? - __________
  • Please, enclose your ordinary special for passport photo to issue your USE Passport of the Citizen of the Earth-XXI with your personal ID number
  • Full post address, where you wish to receive your passport, and telephone number, in case of delivery of your passport by DHL -
  • Please, note that you can receive your USE Passport of the Citizen of the Earth-XXI only after having by you your personal ID number and it will be printed and sent to you PERSONALLY, or at your country WPF National Branch - see in the List of WPF National branches

Write all the above information details here:


Save all the above data and send it at: info@glob-use.org, ikondrashin@ya.ru

The payment details:

One USE Passport for one person (Earth-XXI Citizen with the correct personal ID number) = 100 euro, including the cost of the order, printing and delivery.

The total amount in Euro for individual or group order of USE Passports can be transferred to USE Passport Centre Bank account in:
ALPHA BANK, Athens, Greece,
IBAN account No.: GR06 0140 1980 1980 0278 6037 120
Swift code: CRBAGRAA

If you like, you have the possibility to pay your fee (individual or total group) from your debit or credit card:

Для граждан России и стран СНГ платёж может быть произведён в рублях по текущему курсу ЦБ РФ, который вы можете перевести в

Московский банк ОАО "СБЕРБАНКА РОССИИ",
Стромынское подразделение № 9038/1655
на счёт № 42306 8101 38291904327
или на карточку СБ № 2202 2005 4571 5243
или через платёжную систему "Золотая Корона" на имя
- Кондрашин Игорь Иванович (номер паспорта будет сообщён дополнительно).

We would be greatful to you if you send the information about the transference of your amount with your name at info@glob-use.org & ikondrashin@ya.ru so that we can begin the procedure of preparing you the USE Passport of "Citizen of the Earth-XXI".
Thank you for your understanding.

Important Notice:
By submitting this form, I consent to receive communications regarding the steps of the procedure of preparing
the Passport at my electronic address or WhatsApp notified above and I authorize the USE authority
to send me information that can be necessary and/or interesting for me.

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