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on Illegality of Wars on Earth


    According to estimations of scientists-historians, in the history of mankind more than 15 thousand wars occurred, during which up to 3.5 billion people were killed. We can say that humanity has always fightings during all its history. It is calculated that over the last 5.5 thousand years, people have lived in peace only some paltry 300 years, that is, in each century, civilization has been at peace for only a week.
     Thus, the inhabitants of the Earth have always tried to destroy his own kind, inventing for this increasingly sophisticated ways. From stone clubs, spears and bows to atomic bombs, combat gases and bacteriological weapons. All this is aimed to one goal — to destroy in the most rational way as many as possible similar others - men in the Prime of life, women, elderly and children.
    Wars can be classified as "before nuclear" and "nuclear" age. Bloody apotheosis of the "before nuclear" type of wars was bloody madness of the First world war, during which 10 to 15 million people were killed.
     Further development of weapons and the emergence of new types of combat aircraft and tanks, as well as upgrading of communications, improvement of logistics, and other innovations have led to the conversion of military hostilities to wars of the fourth generation — which was the Second world war, where about 60 million people were killed. As a result of organized violence in the twentieth century altogether up to 200 million people were killed. The end of the war was marked by the invention of thermonuclear weapons and the beginning of the "nuclear" period of potential wars. Experts assert that in a thermonuclear war there will not be either winners or losers.
   In the twenty-first century that has just started, arms race continues, and the danger of the Third world war is even greater than ever. Nuclear scientists, including 19 Nobel Laureates, on their symbolic Doomsday Clock leave for the second running year only three minutes before the occurrence of global catastrophe of the human-caused "doomsday" - the full destruction of Mankind and the end of civilization as we know it. Pope Francis also believes the situation in the world is so serious that the Celebration of Christmas in 2015 he considered as the last event of such kind.
   Indeed, in many countries there is a further modernization of high-precision weapons and the ability to kill at a distance - so-called non-contact wars.
    In this regard an objective becomes already not only the destruction of the enemy troops, but of all infrastructure of the state as a whole, including life-support facilities on its territory. The notion of "rear" in the current understanding of wars with such tactic simply does not exist. In the country the entire infrastructure is being destroyed, including its population. The state with its institutions simply terminates to exist.
    If the situation comes up to the use of nuclear weapons, the probability of death of hundreds of millions of people, or even of "nuclear winter" on the planet is increasing, when for decades, year-round temperature on the planet will decrease to -40, -50 gr. Celsius.
   It is quite obvious that in such conditions not only Humanity itself will cease to exist on the planet Earth, but almost all living creatures.
     However, "nuclear winter" can start not only due to the use of nuclear weapons by one of the belligerents, but also because of undermining of some warehouse with nuclear arsenals by terrorists as a means of their moving to "Paradise".

    The latest gloomy statistics of possession of nuclear warheads uncontrolled by the Humanity as a whole is as follows:
- North Korea - 10
- Israel - 80
- Pakistan - 100
- India - 100
- Great Britain - 215
- China - 250
- France - 300
- USA - 7200
- Russia - 8000

   Unfortunately, the Humanity is unable to eliminate these mortal dangers on the national level, even with the help of the UN.

    Therefore, on October 7, 2015 at the Constitutional Convention in Athens, Greece the Universal Constitution of Earth was adopted. According to this Constitution, all inhabitants of Earth are suggested through studying of the Minimum of modern civic knowledge to raise the level of their consciousness and become Citizens of Earth-XXI. Both UNESCO authorities and the UN Secretary-General also appeal in recent years to the inhabitants of the planet to foster the sense of global citizenship.
     In accordance with the adopted Constitution, Citizens of the Earth have begun already to create governing bodies of the supranational Universal State of Earth (USE), on the top of which structure the Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) is designated staffed of the most intelligent, wise, moral, fair, with sense of global responsibility citizens of the Earth.
   The first historical meeting of SCH members will be held in October 2016 in Athens, Greece.

    At this meeting it is planned to adopt among other DECLARATIONS also this one with the appeal to all inhabitants of the Earth:

  1. From the moment of adoption of this Declaration to consider all wars as a way of solving conflicts and achieving regional and geopolitical purposes, illegal !
  2. To consider all military conflicts and war actions as a violation of civil peace and tranquillity and to equate them to civil wars that are not permissible in the single, global, supranational State of USE.
  3. Further development, testing, production, trade and use of any deadly weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, bacteriological, chemical, climatic, etc., should be considered as a crime against Humankind and Nature.
  4. Inhabitants of the Earth involved in such detrimental to Humanity and Nature activities, including inventors, manufacturers, dealers and users of these weapons, as well as persons (politicians, army commanders, taking decisions and giving commands for its use), should be reckoned as unreasonable, immoral and irresponsible, i.e., with defective consciousness, and sent to the Earth Tribunal to determine the degree of their guilt in crimes against Humanity and Nature. The List of such persons, companies, Corporations, politicians and army commanders will be drawn up by the SCH Committee on war crimes on the grounds of information received from the Citizens of the Earth. Those found guilty should incur severe punishment, specified by the Tribunal, and undergo an appropriate civic education.
  5. To stop everywhere on planet Earth all war conflicts, the production and trade of armament. Released as a result of this funds in budgets of national States to spend on the civic education of population, health care, their enlightment, environmental protection-recovery work, and common good.

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