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'Earth citizens appeal to fighting parties in the Middle East
to stop the beginning of the Third World War'

Dated October 16, 2016


      Every passing day the current situation on the Earth is growing worse. For more than five years, longer than both the First and Second World Wars, there has been a war in the Middle East that looks like the beginning of a proxy Third World War, with the US and Russia both involved in bombing different factions on opposite sides. The Arab Spring that was started in North Africa by now involved different conflicting groups and states fighting each other, including Islamic State.
      We live in a troubled time in which economic competition between nation-states and domination by some nation-states over other nation-states have led to local hybrid and proxy wars. One consequence of this chaotic disorder has been the refugees. Some 65 million displaced people from war-ravaged and poverty-stricken countries are on the move, and many desperate families have left behind the dreadful situations in their own countries and reached Europe. The lot of those displaced by war is indeed wretched.
      The current world system is based on the sovereignty of nation-states. The UN is ‘inter-national’, ‘between nation-states’, and has no authority or jurisdiction to end the wars. There have been 162 wars since 1945 on the planet which the UN has been unable to prevent or to end. The G7, G8, G20, UN General Assembly or Security Council are unable to do anything to end this war in the Middle East that has already started and is turning into a Third World War. It is obvious to every thinking person that the ongoing fighting may end in a global catastrophe. Nuclear explosions can cause a subsequent nuclear winter of minus 50C everywhere that would last for decades, or can even split planet Earth into several asteroids. A colossal war that has already begun and which we seem indifferent could culminate in a huge nuclear catastrophe that would terminate all life on Earth, and of course the existence of humanity.
      People all round the Earth are crying out their ‘SOS’ for something to be done now to prevent a coming nuclear holocaust, but the governments of nation-states and the UN seem powerless to do anything to end the misery.
      Taking account of this precarious global prospect and following UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s ‘Education first’ global citizenship initiative of 2012 and the UNESCO Medium-term Strategy 2014–2021, the World Philosophical Forum has begun the establishment of supranational Earth-XXI Citizenship in accordance with the principles and values of ancient Greek classical philosophy, notably: reason, morality, justice, wisdom, responsibility (including global responsibility). These principles can create a new social order for humanity to live further on a secure planet.
      In 2015 a special Constitutional Convention set up by the Citizens of the Earth-XXI adopted the Universal Constitution of Earth, see http://glob-use.org/eng/use/convent.htm
      In accordance with this Constitution, in October 2016 the Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) was established, the first supranational administrative institution of the Universal State of the Earth (USE), see http://glob-use.org/eng/use/sch/index.htm
      The first act of the Supreme Council of Humanity was to adopt the ‘Universal Declaration on the Illegality of Wars on the Earth’, see http://glob-use.org/eng/use/decl/war.htm
      Only this new supranational institution, which has been authorized by Earth-XXI Citizens, can effectively assist in negotiations to end the war that has already started in the Middle East, the Third World War. Only the Supreme Council of Humanity can bring the conflicting parties, the combatants to a peaceful agreement within the framework of the Universal State of the Earth, see http://glob-use.org/

                                                                     *      *      *
      On behalf of all Earth citizens the Supreme Council of Humanity appeals to all conflicting parties and combatants in the Middle East to end all armed clashes; declare their national, economic, political or ideological interests and claims in the region; and inform the Supreme Council of Humanity’s Secretariat (through its e-mail address info@glob-use.org) of their readiness to maintain a ceasefire and send their representatives to negotiate a peace agreement in the Middle East under the auspices, supervision and participation of the Supreme Council of Humanity and the World Philosophical Forum, on the basis of ancient Greek principles and common values of the World Philosophical Forum.
      The Supreme Council of Humanity and the World Philosophical Forum propose to negotiate the peace agreement in the European Cultural Center of Delphi in Greece. (In ancient Greece, Delphi was considered as the Centre of the Earth and a sacred place. It was used for settling disputes.) If a Peace Agreement on the Middle East is reached, the final signing of the agreement will take place in the Old Parliament House in Athens.
      Everybody on Earth should know that all those combatants in the Middle East who do not respond positively to this Urgent Statement of the Supreme Council of Humanity within three weeks of the date of its publication on the website of the Universal State of the Earth (http://glob-use.org/) will be regarded as war criminals, named and shamed (with particular names being mentioned) as inhuman murderers and killers of the civil population in the region (men, women and children), and will be prosecuted under due process. They will be considered common enemies of the whole of humanity by all peace-loving humans on the Earth.
      The Supreme Council of Humanity appeals to all inhabitants of the Earth to support this Urgent Statement not just by empty talk but by action – by becoming true Earth-XXI Citizens, see http://glob-use.org/eng/socr-sch/wcznrq.htm
      Otherwise, it will be widely understood that in fact they support the common enemies of humanity and wish to die in the nuclear nightmare of a Third World War, and doom to certain death all their relatives, children, parents, friends and co-citizens.
      Let us together immediately end the war on the Earth that is already taking place in the Middle East and maintain peace in accordance with the ‘Universal Declaration on the Illegality of Wars on the Earth’.
      Albert Einstein once said: “We should demand a fundamentally new way of thinking if mankind wants to survive. The fundamental problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”.
      Let us raise our thinking and social life to the supranational level.

      Nicholas Hagger
      Chairman of the USE Supreme Council of Humanity

      Igor Kondrashin
      SCH Secretary-General
      President of the World Philosophical Forum


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