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"On the current situation on Earth in light of recent events"

Dated July 16, 2016


      Impoverishment of peoples, population inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, military conflicts, coups as well as the usurpation of political power and acts of terror are daily happenings all around us and everywhere. They aggravate our planet in the XXI century while many of the Earth’s inhabitants are having fun at carnivals and festivals, with fireworks and Pokemons... Humankind’s current generation is becoming more and more sadomasochistic, doing everything for own self-destruction as soon as possible...
      G7, G8, G20, the UN General Assembly and the Security Council having meetings -what is decided at these summits? NOTHING useful!!! Humankind at this troubled time is divided and practically ungovernable on the top level of the global social structure. What is proposed, for example, to fight terror globally? – To multiply everywhere the police and security forces and to arm them even more than now! And this is what we hear in the twenty-first century... Nothing significant is offered either to fight climate change system impact or poverty, or to stop or prevent armed conflicts. Nobody even paid serious attention to the appeal of the UN Secretary General in 2012 of the widespread introduction of lifelong civic education for all, as no one has started to follow the UNESCO Medium-term Strategy 2014-2021, calling to foster Global citizenship. The population of the planet is deaf and blind and makes its choice to remain in civil ignorance.
      One more act of terror in France in Nice took under the flashes of fireworks the next one hundred of victims - another tribute to the universal civil ignorance. And what happened after this? An urgent summit of world leaders was called? The UN Security Council adopted the fateful Resolution? NO and NOTHING! Just another flowers, candles, moments of grief and claims to the police... And there are no claims to global leaders, who have brought Humankind to such a miserable current situation.
      How many more proofs of global civil incompetence you need? So, then let us wait for the next terrorist attacks, the next victims, and they will certainly happen soon, only nobody knows where and when. How many victims shall be - hundreds, thousands? Maybe millions, if the Third World war starts, and you personally can be among those new victims.
      And this war is not far off, even the Pope and the Atomic scientists (Nobel laureates) warned about its coming soon.
    Do you know the latest gloomy statistics of possession of nuclear warheads uncontrolled by the Humanity as a whole? It is as follows:
- North Korea - 10
- Israel - 80
- Pakistan - 100
- India - 100
- Great Britain - 215
- China - 250
- France - 300
- USA - 7200
- Russia - 8000
   Too many!!! A few would be enough to destroy the whole Humanity through "nuclear winter" and radiation.
   Unfortunately, the Humanity is unable to eliminate these mortal dangers on the national level, even with the help of the UN.
      But all of these is ignored by civically ignorant population of the planet. Therefore, the struggle should be declared long ago not only to terrorists and producers of mass destruction weapons, but to the widespread civil ignorance of people, leading them toward terror and production of weapons of mass destruction; and not to novices of harmful teachings of any kind, but to their preachers and ignorant world leaders. And of course, it is necessary to unite sooner the Humanity through civic education into a single Global citizenship based on the Universal Constitution of Earth.
      This Constitution is fundamentally different from all other constitutions of the world countries, which, as a rule, specify that all power in their countries comes from the people (who without special civic education usually civically ignorant everywhere). But in the Universal Earth Constitution it is strictly stipulated that all the political power on the planet comes from Earth citizens, i.e. residents, who constantly receive full volume of appropriate civil knowledge and form a functioning civil society. Yet the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, whose 2400-year birth anniversary is celebrated this year, long ago drew attention to this peculiarity of correct state governance.
      Thus, the proper response to acts of terror, to deterioration of climate, further impoverishment of the population worldwide, any usurpation of power, and the threat or danger of nuclear weapons using, should be not flowers and candles, but prompt unity of Humanity into the Global citizenship of Citizens of Earth-XXI. And the time came undoubtedly to start struggle not only with terrorism and its manifestations, but firstly with universal civil ignorance and incompetent global leadership – the true causes of all problems and troubles. Only in this way all mentioned troubles can be eliminated on the planet in the shortest time, and the period of universal prosperity, wellbeing and sustainable progress will start.
      The population of the Earth at last must wake up, begin to listen the true educators, massively to form the Global citizenship of Citizens of Earth-XXI, and then organs of USE administration as a new Global governance. The time to act came. If this is not being done today, tomorrow it may be too late… Our generation obviously deserves better present and secure future....

SCH Secretary-General
WPF President

Igor Kondrashin


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