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of equating crimes against Nature to crimes against Humanity



     4.6 billion years ago the planet Earth was formed, on which 2 billion years ago Life, living creatures came to being, and only during the last 15 million years representatives of the nowadays fauna began to populate the Earth. In the living Nature everything is balanced, including temperature regimes, the alternation of light and darkness, magnetic and radiation backgrounds, composition of air, water and soil.
     Many thousands of years this balance in Nature was maintained by natural means, however, with the beginning of the industrial revolution in Europe in the XVIII century, active human intervention in natural processes of self-regulation of Nature has started.
     The extent of this thoughtless intervention became especially noticeable in the twentieth century. Forests are cut down, rivers are polluted, the quality of the planet air began to change more and more to the worse.
     By the beginning of the XXI century adverse changes in natural environment have reached already such high rates that they began to affect directly changes in the climate of the whole planet. Its forest cover is more and more reducing, inland waters (rivers and lakes) become shallow and polluted that leads to disappearance of vegetation and expansion of desert zones. The portion of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases while the proportion of carbon dioxide is increasing. The ice shells of both poles of the planet melt, threatening to raise world ocean level and flood many coastal cities, and even countries.
     The reduction of ozone in the atmosphere leads to the creation of ozone holes, through which more and more ultraviolet rays devastating for wildlife and humans penetrate to the Earth's surface.
     International environmental organizations for many years are sounding the alarm, the international conferences devoted to discussions of reasonable solutions of the growing climatic problems are held, but, as it turned out, the world community, being divided by national interests and contradictions, in which the tone is set by transnational corporations with their mercenary interests of gaining excessive profits, cannot come to agreements in the interest of preserving the unique nature of the Earth and of Mankind as a whole. Thus, Humanity is unable to solve these problems at the national level, even with the help of the UN.

     That is why, on October 7, 2015 at the Constitutional Convention in Athens, Greece the Universal Constitution of Earth was adopted. According to this Constitution, all inhabitants of Earth are suggested through studying of the Minimum of modern civic knowledge to raise the level of their consciousness and become Citizens of Earth-XXI. Both UNESCO authorities and the UN Secretary-General also appeal in recent years to the inhabitants of the planet to foster the sense of global citizenship.
     In accordance with the adopted Constitution, Citizens of the Earth have begun already to create governing bodies of the supranational Universal State of Earth (USE), on the top of which structure the Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) is designated staffed of the most intelligent, wise, moral, fair, with sense of global responsibility citizens of the Earth.
     The first historical meeting of SCH members will be held in October 2016 in Athens, Greece.

     At this meeting it is planned to adopt among other DECLARATIONS also this one with the appeal to all inhabitants of the Earth:

  1. Since the adoption of this Declaration, to consider all activities of the Earth inhabitants everywhere on, in and around the planet, harmful to wildlife and humans because of the pollution and destruction of forests, pollution of waters, atmosphere of the Earth, and near-earth space, illegal and equated to crimes against Humanity ! The inadmissible cases of exceeding by any physical person, business company, Corporation or a governmental organ the limits of harmful activities against the Nature of Earth would be detected by citizens of Earth, and countermeasures to them would be coordinated by the SCH Earth Environment Protection Committee.
  2. Inhabitants of the Earth, especially the heads of companies, corporations or governmental organs, found involved and personally responsible in such harmful to Earth Nature and Humanity activities, should be reckoned as unreasonable, immoral and irresponsible, i.e., with immature mind, and prosecuted, and in severe cases, sent to the Earth Tribunal to determine the degree of their guilt in crimes against Nature and Humanity. Those found guilty should incur severe punishment specified by the Tribunal, and undergo an appropriate civic education.
  3. To oblige compulsorily to include the study of knowledge for the conservation and protection of Nature everywhere on Earth in the school's programs, courses of higher and civil education, to inculcate the sense of global environmental responsibility.
  4. To allocate funds for environmental protective and remedial works at the expense of reduction in military budgets of expenditure and of collection of special taxes on natural use.
  5. To treat with care the Nature around, the flora and fauna of the planet, to consider every person on Earth to be responsible for their preservation and natural development, for the opportunity to live in a preserved natural environment for future generations of Humanity.

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