SUPREME   COUNCIL  of   Humanity

Life’s purpose is life with purpose...

"A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of communism.
All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy
alliance to exorcise this spectre …".                                   

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
(from Manifesto of the Communist Party – February 1848)


'Increasing degeneration of Global Public Consciousness hurt by Dementia
as the most dangerous threat to further existence of Humanity'

A specter is haunting the planet – the specter of dementia.
All Citizens of the Earth should unite for the Holy struggle with
this specter until its total eradication …                                   

Supreme Council of Humanity

Dated April 01, 2017

      Any reasonable person on the Earth, looking at the night sky, even by the naked eyes can see the surrounding us space of the Universe stretching billions of light-years, i.e. boundless in the distance and endless in time. Modern Science claims that the most unique phenomenon of the investigated Cosmos is Life itself, and the most developed really existing its representatives are human beings – people, Humans, i.e. we are.
      It was also found that the presence of humans can be observed only at the finest on a cosmic scale, the surface layer of the planet Earth. Other cases of the existence of Life and Intelligence in the observable Universe is not fixed yet. Thus, the currently living generation of human beings – Humankind – should be regarded as the most unique creation of the studied part of the Universe, localized only on 40% of habitable, surrounded by water of seas and oceans land, that is only a third part of the entire surface of a very small micro-particles of Cosmos – the planet Earth.
      What is the uniqueness of this creation of Nature – humans? How do they differ from other forms of existence of matter dispersed in Space and Time of the Universe?

      Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the brain of these living creatures – human beings – constantly generates during the whole period of their living existence some intellectual activity, i.e. human beings are the only creatures who think and realize themselves and the surrounding reality. Other, earlier forms of Life – microorganisms, plants, and even animals – are deprived of such unique ability, as they are ruled at best by reflexes and instincts, not to mention inorganic forms of existence of matter – chemical and physical substances. All of them are deprived of developed consciousness, and what is most important, its main part – self-comprehension. This higher form of human mental activity is inherent only in normally developed, healthy human organisms with normally developed and healthy brain. This highest form of human mental activity is inherent only in normally developed, healthy human organisms with normally developed and healthy minded brain.
      At the same time, it is known that humans are not born with a ready formed consciousness. Like all life processes in the organic Nature, the beginning of its formation occurs in the initial period of human life, and then is being corrected and improved throughout his whole later life. The formation of consciousness is based on the information-knowledge gleaned in the family from own parents, then at school and then from more enlightened teachers and mentors, from books, TV and other media, including the Internet. In Ancient Greece 3000 years ago in the formation of consciousness of young people were involved highly qualified pedagogues (teachers of children), and at a later age – demagogues (teachers of people). Both, those and others possessed advanced philosophical knowledge, which they shared with their disciples.
      It is known that in the human organism throughout his life two similar processes are going in parallel continuously:
     1) Cellular metabolism - to keep up all organs of the human body in vital working condition;
     2) Informational metabolism - to keep up the body in environment, interacting with it, to perform functions of his social destiny.
      To maintain cellular metabolism during all life, any human consumes the strictly required list of products in the necessary proportions: water, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc. Besides, for normal life oxygen is being supplied in the organism constantly. All these products through the digestive system are processed and distributed into organs of human activity, providing their normal functioning
      If there is a shortage of any component, or harmful elements penetrate into the organism, then the body condition worsens, it becomes unhealthy, protective immunity is lowered, and if such situation is not eliminated, then the body sooner or later ceases to exist – perishes, it is his death. There is only one way of treatment and prevention of such disorder – to input into the human organism (to feed it) only healthy products, which were initially specified by the Laws of Nature for its functioning capability – healthy, strictly necessary food according to known list and in strictly specified proportions, and to prevent the ingress of harmful or waste products.
      In order to maintain the informational metabolism, the human being during all his life receives information about the external environment and the way of interaction with it through six sense organs (vision - 80%, sound, smell, touch, taste and the perceive area of musculo-cutaneous irritations) of strictly required list in the necessary proportions. The most important of these are knowledge and information about the environment, regular information about the current reality of professional, social and political nature. All this information enters the brain of a human, where it is processed, settling in the memory, shaping the consciousness and self-consciousness.
      In such a way the constant interchange of information between the organism (or rather the human brain) of a person and an environment surrounding him (and, first of all, InfoSphere), including social sphere, generating the whole range of human activity, this or that way influencing his own life and course of the flow of events of being.
      Coming every day, every hour, every minute into the human brain information has a very broad spectrum and serves for an adequate response (reflection) of the human organism in the process of his life activity not only as an individual but also as a member of society, i.e. the social subject, as a functionary in one or more social systems. In this case the type of his reaction can be quite varied: from a complete its disregard till performing of the most intensive actions of any character.
      If there is a shortage of some information, knowledge or data, or malicious knowledge, information or data (wrong, false, trash, etc.) get into the brain, then the state of consciousness deteriorates, it becomes unhealthy, its functions disrupt, and if such situation will not be corrected, then the consciousness fades, followed by the deteriorating of condition of the entire organism that sooner or later finishes by his destruction – death. The most common destroyer of human consciousness, and with it self-consciousness, is a long-known disease, to which little people pay serious attention, – it is Dementia.
      Today's medicine knows only about transcendent stages of the disease, which manifests itself in old age of a person individually, and recipes of its treatment are still unknown. However, Dementia is very variable and there are many its varieties of different degrees of severity from 0 to 10, starting from any age, even very young.
      The most innocuous – Latent Dementia, flaccid variant of the individual disease during the whole life of an individual. The most dangerous variety of this disease – schizophrenia (Dementia praecox), paranoia, paraphrenia, causing brain turbidity, mental instability, outbursts of aggression. Other individual variants – in the interval between these two.
      Almost all humans on the Earth suffer from the individual version of the disease, the only question is, to what extent and from what age. Zero degree can be only for ideal people and newborn infants. The tenth degree – it is for murderers, drug dealers, terrorists, tyrants, war criminals, etc.
      There is a Hyper organismic type of this disease – Social Dementia, which manifests itself in public life, and characterizes the incidence of some social organism. It also has different degrees of severity: from zero to the tenth – the most severe its form, depending on the proportion of cases in the community.
      Prevention of this disease and treatment of its mild forms in the early stages is similar to the method of medical prevention of the cellular metabolism of an individual, and it is also the only one – to input into consciousness (to teach, to educate) only useful, positive knowledge and information, which are initially defined by the Laws of Nature, aimed at progress – truthful and honest knowledge and information according to strictly needed list in the necessary proportion.
      At the same time, it is necessary to protect, completely exclude any input into the consciousness of negative, distorted, i.e. untrue, false, zombie, garbage, etc. information, knowledge and information of a regressive nature. The formula is simple: the true, positive knowledge form a healthy and progressive consciousness – the basis of sanity and virtue, while the negative, distorted knowledge form a distorted, regressive consciousness – the basis of malicious intent and evil deeds.
      With this in mind, it should be stated that a greater part of the living currently generation of Humankind is affected by one or another form of dementia of one or another degree. Practicing medicine, which is far from philosophical knowledge of consciousness, diagnoses underdeveloped and/or distorted consciousness of an individual as a kind of "psychiatric illness-deviation", that is completely wrong.
      Psyche has nothing to do in such cases – it is only reflexive ability of a living organism, nothing more, and to confuse an illness of consciousness with illness of psyche is the complete medical-philosophical ignorance. Therefore, the entire crowd of personal practicing psychologists, clergy, astrologers and other healers is the army of charlatans, who themselves suffer from dementia, greeding on ignorance of population. And such disease, as social dementia, for them it is even more unknown.
      In this context, it becomes obvious that what kind of knowledge and guidelines, what information a person receives and lays in his memory in the period of initial formation of his mentality, and later, during his life, how he is protected from invalid, false, zombie, rubbish, etc. information and knowledge, so of the same kind his consciousness and self-consciousness would become, which are the basis and the driving force of his future everyday behavior and decisions.
      If these knowledge and information do not correspond the requirements of the Laws of Nature on the progress, or its quantity is not enough, or wrong, distorted, false, garbage, etc. regressive information and knowledge are being input, then the state of consciousness would be painfully distorted accordingly, i.e. it is immediately being affected by the dementia. Following this process, the character of decisions and committed acts taken by the individual are changing, they become passive or malicious and lead him to death. The Laws of Nature do not tolerate regressive deviations.
      Therefore, it is so important that an individual would receive the required positive knowledge and information from the very beginning of the formation of his consciousness, i.e. in the period of initial education and upbringing, and feed them off throughout his later life. The following positive knowledge of the XXI century are to be in the list of mandatory: the scientific worldview (the creation of the material world of the Universe), the structure of family, society and state, common values and vices, rights and duties of human and citizen, ethics (rules of conduct), aesthetics (feeling of harmonious, beautiful), the common language of international communication, household skills and algorithms. At the same time strict restrictions should be introduced for negative knowledge and information, and the responsibility for their distribution.
      All this knowledge has been described yet in Ancient Greece 2,5 thousand years ago. Therefore, only specialists representing the classical, strictly scientific Philosophy, describing this kind of knowledge in detail, can judge about positive or negative nature of knowledge and information. Those specialists-philosophers are sequential followers of the ideas of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and there are, unfortunately, very few of them around, and even they are in obscurity. But it is only them who can be true healers of mass diseases and sometimes of epidemics of all types of dementia and its consequences that affected many parts of the planet. Representatives of the modern pseudo-scientific European philosophizing can not help in solving this problem.
      Eventually, what kind of knowledge and guidelines, what information a person receives and lays in his memory in the period of initial formation of his mentality, and later on, such kind becomes his consciousness and self-consciousness, the basis and the driving force of his future everyday behavior and taken decisions.
      Precisely during the initial stages of this crucial process in a person's life if it goes wrong, any individual is in great danger of getting pathology of the terrible disease – Dementia (aphrenia) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dementia
The pathology of dementia is manifested primarily in the weakening of mental abilities of people – in various degrees of aphrenia, entailing hypoplasia, i.e., underdevelopment of the brain, and with it the underdevelopment and/or distortion of consciousness and self-comprehension, which in its turn leads to dissidence, heterodoxy, to erroneous motivation, including falsely motivated aggression.
      Due to the fact that all these have a direct impact on the everyday behavior of the individual during all his following life in society, dementia appears to be the disease much more dangerous than the disease black poxhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox , that plagued massively Humankind for many millennia on all continents of the planet.
      But if smallpox affects mainly the human body and kills it within two weeks, the dementia affects the human’s brain, i.e. his mental ability, dooming him to dementive thinking and behavior, and it hurts him throughout his life, infecting and tormenting others through regressive knowledge. Humanity has managed to eliminate black pox mostly in the twentieth century, while dementia is still rampant on all continents and leads Humanity to self-destruction.
      Thus, depending on what kind of content has been input into the consciousness and self-consciousness of the individual’s mind during the process of his upbringing and education and later on depends what kind of consciousness and self-comprehension were formed in his brain: healthy and positive, or underdeveloped and/or distorted, i.e. Imbecile affected by dementia. Either, or, the only difference is in the degree of infestation by disease – there is no other variants.

      It should be borne in mind also that Human by nature is a social being. He can't live and develop by himself, alone, otherwise, he will become Mowgli. Even Robinson Crusoe could not live alone on the island and was eager to return to a human society. Therefore, for a long period of Humanity’s progress until now the following forms of its social existence have developed: family, community, ethnicity, nationality, nation, state, civilization. The association of people in one or another form of cohabitation takes place according to certain traditions, laws and circumstances. Ideally, the purpose of any consolidation is only one – to live safely, wealthy and happily, in harmony with the surrounding nature. But not always all is ideal.
      The point is that joint inhabitation of people generated also such a phenomenon in their lives as public consciousness representing the totality of individual consciousnesses of the community members. But due to the fact that the individuals of this community can have both healthy consciousness, and dementive ones, then depending on the actual total ratio-proportion of the community individuals the public consciousness of the community may have this or that particular type – from a healthy minded to a radical-conservative version until a fully negative one. At the very top of all this structure Humanity has the Global public consciousness that includes all regional ones, which with the advent of the Internet becomes more visible and tangible in people's life.
      100 years ago Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, and two French – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Edouard Le Roy – for the first time described such a phenomenon on the Earth as the Noosphere – the sphere of Reason. This is nothing more but a positive healthy minded public consciousness. It is quite natural that in contrast to it there is a dementive public consciousness of the sickly-minded – the Negative sphere, or Negasphere. So, from the predominance of this or that sphere in the public consciousness of the community depends the health and well-being of its members.
      As we have already mentioned, the formers of public consciousness through individual ones are parents, teachers, mentors (teachers of educational institutions, religious preachers, heads of public and ideologically independent organizations, sects, etc.), writers, politicians and political activists, as well as media (Newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, social networks of the Internet). However, the formation of public consciousness can be both positive, spreading the Noosphere, and have also a harmful, negative, regressive character, widening Negasphere.
      It is through the influence on the maximum number – a mass of individual consciousnesses try to affect the public consciousness, many politicians and religious figures, performing it through mass meetings, demonstrations and the media. They use often for this purpose methods of lies and even zombification.
      At the same time, even the most sensible ideas of some reasonable thinkers, scientists and progressive public figures, the teachings of great philosophers and writers are silenced, and therefore have little impact on the public consciousness, being ignored by the most part of dementive media.

      We have pointed out already that humans since old times were interested in knowledge of the laws of social organization and self-government and it was the subject for study and description by the principal humanitarian science – Philosophy, which reached its heyday, the classic stage in Ancient Greece two and a half thousand years ago. The names of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, their ideas about peculiarities of reasonable self-organization of society and the state would have to be known since then to all the inhabitants of the Earth. They should be known to all, but have not become known to many even now. In the East of the planet the same kind of positive knowledge were spread at the same time as the Teachings of Confucius.
      The main reason why this didn’t happen, was the fact that Humanity in its personal membership is not homogeneous and since long ago is divided by various feathers, preventing public unity and harmony. In the first place, it is racial, social, national, gender, religious-ideological, worldview, linguistic and other differences and peculiarities of the mentality of the people. And because their lifestyle and culture, their welfare and prosperity depend on the depth and spread of these differences, reflected in the consciousness of people, it was Philosophy, which should help to overcome the causes that divide humanity, and what it tried to do during the whole last Millennium of the ancient period.
      However, one of the most active of the Byzantine emperors, Justinian I in 529, following the principle "One state, one religion, one law" in the framework of his own concept of globalization, by his fateful Edict categorically forbade the study of its truths and to teach rational Philosophy, equating it to paganism and heresy.
      By this regressive legislative act, he, revealing himself as an evil Dementor, slowed down the public consciousness of Europe for long centuries of the middle ages, plunging it in Negasphere of ignorance, strife and obscurantism, i.e., on the path of dementive existence.
      Since then Philosophy, as a science, has ceased to have a significant impact on the lives of people on the planet and until now ekes out a miserable existence, being substituted by pseudophilosophical pretentious novelties. At the same time, the notorious Edict of Justinian I of the year 529 is still in force. His prohibition of the rational Philosophy, and together with it the noospheric sanity, nobody has canceled, and Philosophy's bans throughout the planet are being practiced until today.
      Realizing this harmful, regressive for Humanity phenomenon, UNESCO, in 2005, made a timid attempt to improve the cumulative global public awareness through the popularization of the ideas of Philosophy, putting forward a bold slogan "No UNESCO without Philosophy!" and approving the "Strategy on Philosophy", recommending all countries to set up there the study of philosophical knowledge almost from the school period. At the same time, UNESCO called upon to celebrate the "World Philosophy Day" every year on the third Thursday in November everywhere on the planet.
      Unfortunately, all these recommendations and the UNESCO Strategy on dissemination of philosophical knowledge are being ignored everywhere by currently living dementors, because local authorities having dementive consciousness through dementive media, which they control, strive, as a rule, to conserve the public consciousness, because for them it is much easier to rule over ignorant, archaic rabble, that is about what many philosophers have warned. "Bread and circuses!" - this is their main slogan for the crowd.
      Therefore, the Scientific philosophy, the true love of wisdom, in fact nowhere has become yet as a subject for a wide and deep study and practical use. In many universities, it is either not being taught, or lectures are being given on non-scientific philosophizing about postmodernism, liberalism, constructivism, poststructuralism, etc., that is of little help for everyday life knowledge.
      But the recommendation of Plato, given to Humankind that only a philosopher or a person with a deep scientific and philosophical knowledge can govern the State well, and therefore only such kind of people should be at the head of each of them, was generally forgotten. Consequently, on the top of most countries and governments on the planet we see very often philosophically illiterate politicians-dementors, where autarky, pharisaism, tyranny, hypocrisy, and usurpation of power are flourishing.
      Finally, all this has led Humanity to a mass ideological ignorance, the loss by the world community of humanistic foundations, the global systemic chaos, which hampers in every way the social progress, confronts the Laws of Evolution, thus bringing closer the probability of the Apocalypse, i.e. the complete self-destruction of human Civilization, and possibly, Life on Earth, and accordingly, in our part of the Universe.
      Distorted, unhealthy, mostly dementive, inhumane global public consciousness has led to the fact that, according to estimations of scientists-historians, for the entire recorded history of mankind more than 15 thousand wars have occurred, in which up to 3.5 billion people were killed. We can say that humanity, how long it remembers itself, was always fighting. It is estimated that during the last 5.5 thousand years, people could live in peace only some paltry 300 years, that is, in every century our civilization has been at peace only for a week.
      Thus, the inhabitants of the Earth everywhere and always, reflexing on the basis of dementive consciousness, tried to destroy their own kind, inventing for that purpose increasingly sophisticated ways. From stone clubs, spears and bows to atomic bombs, combat gases and bacteriological weapons. All that is aimed only at one goal – to destroy in the most efficient way as many as possible others of their own kind – men in the Prime of life, women, children and the elderly.
      Nowadays, in the XXI century in many countries there is a further modernization of high-precision weapons and the ability to kill at a distance – the so-called contactless and hybrid wars. Meanwhile, the aim of military battles becomes not so much the destruction of enemy troops, but of the whole infrastructure of the state as a whole, including life-support facilities on its territory. The notion of "rear" in the current understanding of wars with such a tactic simply does not exist. In the country, all its potential, including the population, is being destroyed. The state with its institutions simply ceases to exist.
      If the situation comes up to the use of nuclear weapons, the probability of death of hundreds of millions of people, or even of "nuclear winter" on the planet is increasing, when for decades, year-round temperature on the planet will drop to minus 40, minus 50 gr. Celsius. It is obvious that in such conditions not only Humanity itself will cease to exist on the planet Earth, but almost all living creatures.
      However, a "nuclear winter" can occur not only due to the use of nuclear weapons by one of the belligerents, but also in case of undermining of some warehouse with nuclear arsenals by terrorists, as a means for their move to "Paradise".
      In 2012, the UN represented by its Secretary-General has made another attempt to heal the dementive Global public consciousness and to guide Humanity in the right direction of its development, declaring the civic education in context of formation of global citizenship as the way out of this civilizational impasse. Following that initiative of Ban Ki-moon, UNESCO adopted the ‘Medium-term Strategy 2014 – 2021’, in which called on the peoples of the world to foster the sense of global citizenship.
      And again, all these initiatives remained without proper attention of affected by dementia the world media, and entirely different preachers continue to hold the dementive public consciousness of ignorant peoples of the world in a morbid state. And now we see how more and more countries are being involved by current dementors in killing people in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, i.e. in setting a fire of the Third, and probably the last world war, a precursor of the self-destruction of Humanity and all Life on the Earth.
      Philosophically illiterate, and thus, ignorant politicians and national leaders of many countries call upon the peoples of the planet to fight terrorism and to settle inter-state relations by means of bombs and rockets, i.e., in the most brutal military way, causing deaths and destructions. At the same time, they even do not realize because of being sick with dementia what the modern terrorism or interstate conflict are, their origins and driving forces. They do not have the scientific and philosophical understanding of these increasingly dangerous dementive phenomena in the world.
      Meanwhile, simultaneously they implant everywhere the so-called "democracy", i.e. the state system, which Aristotle, and later, Churchill, considered as the worst of all known types of government. And they impose this term of the classical philosophy not by means of explanations, which they themselves, not knowing Philosophy, do not know, but by using weapons, killing an increasing number of innocent, but also philosophically ignorant people, old and young, including women and children...

      The true Philosophy teaches that Human, having a well-formed, healthy, free from dementia consciousness, cannot cause pain and suffering, or even just any inconvenience to another Human. It can only virtuously help another, including to acquire the needful knowledge in order to form also a correct, healthy consciousness, and to achieve a decent life for themselves and their loved ones. And this knowledge can be found only in the practical recommendations of the scientific Philosophy (worldview, virtue, ethics, aesthetics, logic, etc.) and civil learning.
      If a person does not have a correctly-formed, healthy, noosheric consciousness, and he has a defective one: either undeveloped or distorted, i.e. dementively unhealthy, or even really sick, then he himself isn't a human, he is a subman-dementor, a non-human, an inhuman. People in their sound mind cannot kill a Human, and even an inhuman. He can either teach a non-human, or educate-foster him, or to heal. But only not to kill!
      Subman-dementor can kill both - other non-human or a Human one – he doesn't care. He does not even think, doesn’t realize about this, because he is incapable for reasonable thinking, as his mind because of dementia is undeveloped, or distorted.
      So, inhumans-dementors, for example, they are those who:
      1. Kill, beat, rape others, causing pain and suffering.
      2. Cheat, exploit, bully others, deprive them, leading to malnutrition and impoverishment, involved in corruption.
      3. Invent, manufacture and trade weapons and drugs, including tobacco and spirits.
      4. Fill in the informational space – the InfoSphere with false, wrong, harmful, trash, distorted and/or negative information and ideas, making it negaspheric, distorting the emerging or undeveloped consciousness of people, zombifying them, contributing to the development and dissemination of dementia.
      5. Devoid sanity, self-awareness, of shame or conscience, tending to excessive wealth degrading the dignity of others, use drugs.
      6. Ruin nature, destroy the flora and fauna, pollute and poison all around.
      7. Use the natural resources for personal gain at the expense of nature and other people.
      On this basis, all of the above negative events happening around us, gain the same ominous color – they are committed by abnormal people, sick with dementia in one of the degrees of severity (from 1 to 10-th). Therefore, if the theft occurred – it was made by a dementively sick person, there was a fight – guilty a Dementor, the murder – again a Dementor behind it, behind any criminal offense – only Dementors are guilty, in all corruption schemes – all participants are Dementors, etc, etc.

      A few muffled, but no less dangerous for Mankind, more numerous in everyday life type of individuals with dementive mental disabilities and deviations are subhumans, so-called ordinary people, laymen, i.e. those who, having lost their human dignity:
      1. Behave passively, obediently following apparent unfairness, not reflexing in any way, not protesting, i.e., not understanding or not realizing it, thus pandering or not preventing its manifestation.
      2. Cooperate with aggressive villains in implementation of their inhuman, dementive activities, passively adjoin it, thereby encouraging it.
      3. Try to be aloof from public life, focus all interests around their own ordinary wellbeing.

      If you carefully look around, you will understand that the number of individuals belonging to the type of currently living dementorsnon-humans and subhumans in the world is much more than authentic humans or civically educated persons, and their quantity continues to grow. Therefore, the future of Humanity is under increasing threat. With this in mind, attempts to save Humanity from self-destruction are being done, but so far very timid and inactive.
      Yet there are too few of those who sincerely wish to save Humanity and the Nature surrounding them, creating a genuine global Harmony. This, as it turns out, can be realized only in the framework of the Universal State of the Earth - http://glob-use.org/ - through philosophically educated Global citizenship. Unfortunately, few people yet understand this only one way for the survival of Humankind, which has no other alternative.

      So, we acknowledge that currently all Humanity actually is divided into 5 quite different intellectspheric clusters, reflecting the social grade of each really living individual in the world community of the inhabitants of the Earth:
      1) Potential Humans – it is practically all born human beings - the inhabitants of planet Earth in the childish and youth period of their development. It is known that the human being appears as a zygote resulting from coupling of the parents' gametes of father and mother, and in no other way. Therefore, all human's signs the embryo created by Nature acquires from the moment of its conception, which becomes in fact the actual day of the Human's birth. Such practice of registration of the official birthday exists in a number of countries in South-East Asia. Termination of his prenatal development by abortion must be qualified everywhere, and actually it is the MURDER of a Human!
      After the prenatal period of development, after about 9 months, it occurs the emergence of a potential Human from his mother's womb outside. From this moment, the extrauterine formation of a Human begins, bodily and intellectual, which consistently continues throughout his later life by means of his education and learning in the family, in preschool, school and higher educational institutions, self-education and self-improvement on the basis of practical knowledge of classical Philosophy.
      This period is very important for a healthy development of body and mental abilities of a person, who does not have yet their own noospheric immunity, and therefore, any protection from dementing effects, and everything depends on the content of knowledge obtained by a teenager from mentors: parents, caregivers, teachers, other educators and sources of information.
      Therefore, depending on the content of the Minimum of human and civil knowledge that an adolescent receives in the initial period of his life, how much it is updated in accordance with requirements of the evolution of Humankind, it becomes clear what kind of consciousness has been formed in his brain. It can be healthy and meet the requirements of the epoch, if a correct Minimum was learned. But it can be also dementive of any degree of morbidity, escalating in later years of life. In any case, antidementive way of mind protection is only one – learning, so far as the intelligence permits, the modern foundations of classical scientific Philosophy. Otherwise – a deepening dementia.
      Upon completion of the children-youth stage of this process, i.e. approximately by the age of 18, if training and education were carried out successfully, the individual in ideal should acquire the basis for a healthy and correct consciousness and self-consciousness, sanity, including the modern scientific outlook, knowledge of social order and ethical standards of conduct, a healthy lifestyle, adequate feelings of shame and conscience, justice and responsibility, of a risk of being infected of dementia, what is confirmed by handing him the status Certificate of human maturity, after what he becomes a truly mature Human. Before him roads of virtue become open, along which he goes further through his life, based on knowledge obtained during the period of initial learning-education.
      2) Normal Humans (mature) – in addition to the common worldview, human, ethical, and aesthetic knowledge, people must obtain also in obligatory way at the end of their Junior phase of learning-education in school a minimum of strictly specific civic knowledge, which should be updated and replenished during all their further life. Therefore, along with the Certificate of human maturity simultaneously they receive the Passport of the citizen of a state of the planet Earth, giving them defined by the Constitution of this country strictly definite civil rights and responsibilities for implementation of a full-fledged civil activities for the common good. Only formed in this way consciousness can guarantee a strong immunity against dementia.
      It should be in the ideal like that everywhere on the Earth, in all States, but it happens at very few places where, practically NOWHERE !

      If a procedure of such kind could be followed everywhere, systematically and unified, i.e. would become universal, then we would have everywhere on our planet the following, the most important category of its inhabitants that should be the most numerous one, of those, who in addition to the social status Normal Human would have also the status:
      3) True Citizen.
      According to the existing at present in all countries order the affiliation to a national citizenship is assigned to its residents by the fact of birth of an individual on the territory of this country from the moment of attainment by him civil capacity, or in a declarative-authorization form.
      Ideally, the status of a citizen should be received not because of reaching a certain age, but only those humans, in whose consciousness is mandatorily filled in with strictly-defined and specific civic knowledge, which, moreover, must be maximally uniformed on the Earth and be manifested in the civil position of people in their everyday household and civic activities. They include knowledge about social order, about the types and structures of governance, about human and civil rights and duties, about the culture and traditions of social behavior, values and vices, existing in the country and on the planet laws, about the suppression of dementive manifestations, etc.
      Civic knowledge in all countries are not the same all time, they are constantly changing and supplemented in accordance with life circumstances and social processes, and changes that occur in any society. Therefore, civil additional education should cover everyone without exception in the given community, and occur throughout the whole life of every citizen.
      In Constitutions of all countries it should be written clearly the same as it was recommended by Aristotle, that all power in the state comes from citizens of the country (civilly educated and properly brought up humans, of civilization – the so-called polity), and not from some illiterate, ignorant people-demos (democracy).
      Citizens of the Earth, i.e. the highest on the planet, supranational civil status – a kind of nowadays patricians, as a result of the appropriate civil education should have appropriately formed consciousness and self-consciousness, to have a supranational civil position, a range of human and civil rights and responsibilities of the global level, to be active in addition to the national also in the global civic activities, supporting all noospheric, progressive, and opposing to negaspheric, regressive, dementive phenomena and manifestations (this should become the real goal of any political opposition!), taking part in the formation and functioning of both, local, regional, national and of supra-national administrations and governments, freely choosing any place on the planet to stay with his family, work and leisure, to realize their labour skills and creative abilities.
      Citizens of Earth are practically the only cluster in the structure of Humanity in which the sickness of dementia is minimized.

      It should be like this everywhere, the UN, UNESCO, WPF call for this, but there is no anything similar yet practically in no one country of the world, in no one Constitution in the world except the only one recently adopted by the Constitutional Convention of the Universal Constitution of the Earthhttp://glob-use.org/eng/use/pap/constit.htm
      3-А) The best out of the Citizens of the Earth, i.e. those who learned the uniform civil knowledge best of all, skillfully use them in practice in their daily activities in global scale, teach them, distributing them among citizens, spreading everywhere the good, receive an honorary supranational civil status – Aristocrats of the Earth.
      In their number high moral, wise politicians, classical philosophers should be included, representatives of the world creative intelligentsia (scientists of positive, noospheric areas of knowledge, writers, composers, also those who devote themselves to culture, education and upbringing), of business, justice, law enforcement, the nature defenders. They are really the true elite of the world community, of all progressive humanity with practically untouched by dementia consciousness. It should be from their number elected world leaders (Global leaders), heads of States and governments of all countries, international and supranational bodies and organizations.

      But meanwhile Humanity can only dream of such nice, ideal people, because in the result of non-unified, multidirectional, frequently, wrong education and upbringing of children and adolescents (i.e. Potential Humans), as they are growing up, in many countries, most of them become part of the most numerous, regressive cluster of the currently living generation of Humankind:
      4) Subhumans-ordinary people, who are in fact noncitizens, people-demos, plebs. They represent the main mass of poorly brought up, civically uneducated inhabitants of the Earth, with undeveloped and/or partially distorted, i.e. sickful, dementive consciousness, lack of proper self-consciousness, and often without feelings of shame, conscience. We can surely assert about the presence of aphrenia with them, i.e., signs of those or other light forms the latent dementia, developing with time to significant degrees of morbidity.
      Resulting from dementive genes and/or incorrect dementive-oriented upbringing aphrenia makes them ignorant, distant from scientific-philosophical knowledge, minimizes the signs of mind and intelligence, of responsibility.
      Therefore, in the majority they are soulless individuals, often immoral, with weak or lost sense of justice, little versed in the system of values and vices, rights and duties of Human and Citizen. They are those who pursue the lowest individualistic goals, driven primarily by consumer interests – by consumerism. They are unscrupulous, indifferent, being contentment only by bread and spectacles in the format of soap operas on zombifying their consciousness TV, shows and talk-shows, football-hockey, social networking in the Internet, etc.
      They primarily include ever-growing part of bureaucrats and officials who do not solve problems, which according to their duties they are to solve. On the contrary, they increasingly complicate people's daily life. It is them who, seeking personal enrichment, become participants in corruption schemes, are responsible for pollution and destruction of Nature, diseases and human suffering, aiding and abetting all the bad things that exist on Earth, including terrorism and the impoverishment of people.
      If they are called to produce weapons, they will produce it in order that other subhumans without hesitation would kill good or just people. If they are called to kill, they will kill, referring that they obey orders. Namely this mass represents so-called dementive redneck, zombies, who is being manipulated by ideological leaders-Dementors of any orientation, especially Non-humans.
      There are no particular problems in correcting their consciousness and providing sub-humans-ordinary people the civil status. It is enough just to educate them like human beings, but more thoroughly, to return them self-comprehension and endow with proper civic knowledge, to achieve their enduring learning by them, after what they can become full value (civilized) Citizens up to the level of Earth Citizens. However, it is necessary to remember that with age signs of dementia are becoming increasingly chronic, irreversible and aggravate stronger, transforming sometimes into schizophrenia, paranoia or Alzheimer's disease.
      5) Nonhumans – the worst part of subhumans - non-citizens, though smaller in size, but the most aggressive and active part of them with an incorrectly developed, fully or partially distorted, clearly sick in the most severe form dementive consciousness, extremely distorted self-comprehension, and therefore, with absence of shame, of any morality, conscience, responsibility, sense of justice. They are all humanly and civically ignorant, far from a truly scientific-philosophical knowledge, not even imagining what it is, with a distorted spirituality, with a questionable system of values and vices, rights and responsibilities, often opposite to each other.
      It is them, actually formed Dementors, armed with delusional or groundless ideas, often schizophrenic or paranoid, with the desire to unlimited personal gain, are holders on the Earth of the immoral, irrational, irresponsible behavior, crimes in opposition to the General progress of society, clashing firstly between themselves, simultaneously bringing troubles and sufferings, poverty, diseases, and death to both: sub-humans and normal people-Humans.
      It is them, the bearers of evil who confuse, mesmerize the minds of people with ideological promises, who spread around everywhere injustice, vandalism, lies, and destruction, inflicting pain and suffering to others, as well as calling or commanding the sub-humans to kill people, animals, and destroy nature. It is them, who become "spiritual" leaders, tyrants, embezzlers, cultists, maniacs, seducers, terrorists, or mentors and supporters of terrorists. Miserable interests, eagerness of quick self-enrichment (often illegal or fraudulent) also are not strange for them.
      They often like to call themselves "the elite of society", imposing their dementive manners, pseudo values, a way of life to the society surrounding them. Not being outstanding in human qualities, they are trying to stand out with luxury. It is for them luxury villas and yachts are built, expensive jewelry, cars and even watches are produced. To protect all of this, they establish army, intelligence agencies, various enforcement structures. Tyrants, usurpers of power, oligarchs, unscrupulous bankers, financial magnates, scientists of negative areas of knowledge, radical religious leaders calling for suppression of "dissent", i.e. initiators of terror – all of them are nonhumans-Dementors.
      Striving for unlimited enrichment, namely they unleashed the First and the Second, and now are fomenting the flames of the Third world war in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South-Eeast Asia. Namely they are cultivating incorrect, dementive direction in upbringing of children and adolescents in all countries, not enough developing and/or dementively distorting their consciousness and self- consciousness, stimulating aphrenia. Namely they create all the conditions generating terrorism, drug addiction, alcoholism, national, racial or religious confrontation and hostility, leading to acts of terror and military conflicts, when they themselves with the help of subhumans are killing all around.

      As it was stated already, the overall percentage of subhumans and nonhumans-Dementors in the total number of the inhabitants of the Earth, unfortunately, far exceeds the number of genuine Humans and Citizens. For this reason, the vast majority of current rulers and politicians, Heads of States and governments, international organizations, at the best, are subhumans, but very often they are even nonhumans-Dementors. Others, the Humans and Citizens, there are now very few, almost insignificant number of them.
      However, it is necessary to acknowledge that bad rulers and politicians responsible for inflicting to others surrounding of atrocities and crimes, at the same time are innocent themselves that they are bad, as other subhumans-ordinary people, and even nonhumans-Dementors are innocent of this. Primarily those ones should be blamed who in fact systematically through incorrectly formed individual consciousness distort, making them harmful, regional, national and global public consciousnesses, inhibiting their normal, progressive development.
      It is because precisely of them that in the world there is still no a global system of healthy, positive, noospheric overall public consciousness through universal human correct unified human upbringing and civic education, i.e. formation on the basis of sanity of identical positive individual consciousness and self- consciousness that meet the requirements of the XXI century.
      It is exactly the absence at the present time on the planet of such universal upbringing-educational system leads to a global public degradation, manifestation of various forms of dementia and aphrenia, reinforcing the negative system of multiplication of the universal incivility, philosophical and civic ignorance, negating all positive efforts of the international civically active society of people with civil dignity and responsibility. This practice should be reversed and rebuild as soon as possible, as namely it and only it brings currently and in the near future major disasters to Humanity.

      Among those who negatively affect the formation of the global public consciousness with dementive deviation and direct Humanity to self-destruction, are ideologues of the closed from society powerful secret communities and sects, financial and banking tycoons, drug dealers, radical religious preachers, corrupt media. One of the most significant historical examples of the negative impact on the development of global consciousness should be considered, as we have already said, the issuing in 529 by the Byzantine Emperor-Dementor Justinian I his ill-fated Edict.
      According to this regressive Edict (decree) the science about Life – Philosophy was forbidden, the philosophical schools and the Platonic Academy in Athens were closed. In these institutions, including the Lyceum of Aristotle, which became the prototype of the future universities, a wide range of scientific and humanitarian disciplines was developed: philosophy, natural history, astronomy, mathematics, ethics, aesthetics, and other Sciences, while the main method of teaching was the dialectics (dialogue). After that, the philosophers and teachers of those schools and Academy, genuine mentors and scientists, were exiled to Persia and forgotten, and Athens came to a complete decline.
      Particularly due to this Edict of Justinian I the whole Europe, and with it the Western Civilization for 7 centuries, and practically until now, i.e. for one and a half Millennium, fell into spiritual and physical insanitary conditions, in real obscurantism when scientific books after declaring them to be heresy, were burned, and the scientists themselves were declared heretics. Along this way, the most beautiful women in Europe after declaring them to be witches, were also burned. The Holy Inquisition was not known for mercy. It was the one who led the persecution on the heliocentrism of Nicolaus Copernicus, prohibiting his teaching, threw into the fire Giordano Bruno and put under the house arrest until the end of his life the outstanding scientist Galileo Galilei. And only in 1954, the Pope officially brought a formal apology to scientists for these persecutions of the Church on science.
      Even earlier, in 415 Christian fanatics-Dementors rended the first woman philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Hypatia Alexandrian, snatching her from the wagon to the ground, tearing her clothes, dragging along the street, stripping her skin with sharp clay shards and sea shells when she was still alive, cutted her throat, divided her body into parts and burned it at the town square, near the remains of once a Grand building of the Museion and the Library of Alexandria.
      One of the consequences of perniciousness of the Justinian’s Edict (VI century), which resulted in the expulsion of Greek philosophers into the Arab world, should be considered the absorption by the Arabs of the ancient philosophical ideas and values and the origination with them in mind already in the seventh century the powerful Islam and Islamic philosophy. However, in addition to relatively positive in the traditions and ideas of Islam, the Arabic specificity of its ideology did not protect Islam from the influence of dementia that has brought into its essence a lot of radical, and sometimes aggressive. It is primarily the Islamic prohibition of competition, precluding any progress and relying on Jihad, generating various military conflicts and terrorist activities.
      Later, in the XI century, Christianity itself split into Orthodox Christianity, and less conservative, but more radical Catholicism, followed in the next 5 centuries of bloody Crusades, and some more later, on a breakaway Protestantism.
      The dementive Christian preachers have nothing reasonable to offer to counterpose to dementive radical ideas of Islam preached by some Muftis and Imams exercising up to the present day "Islamic Holy Inquisition," and declaring, like Christianity, all progressive and reasonable ideas as heresy, punishing for that "untrue people" with Sharia laws and acts of terror.
      At the same time the reasonable part of Humankind could counterpose to the Islamic radicalism of any kind, militant nationalism and terrorism free from dementivity ideas and values of the genuinely scientific, traditional, classical Philosophy, its millennia-old rich knowledge and guiding principles, more understandable to a nowadays human of any belief, but they were prohibited and lost, and remain in disregard until now.
      We remind that only in the XIII century timid attempts of philosophizing gradually began modestly to appear in the leading universities of Europe under the term ‘logic’, but it was already another knowledge, with a touch of dementity unscientific, distant from the natural history, from dialectics and social ethics, from physics and chemistry, non-classical scholastic philosophy in the most part unsuitable for practical use in everyday life. The German philosopher Edmund Husserl 100 years ago described about this in detail in his book "Philosophy as a rigorous science" in the chapter "The Crisis of Humanity and Philosophy". "Since its inception, the Philosophy – he wrote – made a claim to be a strict science and, moreover, the one that satisfies the highest theoretical needs, and ethically-religiously would make possible a life that is controlled by clear norms of reason."
      Furthermore, time was missed so much, but nobody helps until now to revive the ideas of the truly classic, so useful for life Philosophy. To someone it is unprofitable, while the plebs, having dementive unhealthy consciousness, is silent, and nonhumans, led by Humankind.
      For this reason, we have even now, in the twenty-first century all the same evils: obscurantism, and 4000 theistic versions of various religions and numerous sects, and dozens of mutually exclusive, mutually hostile ideologies, and militant nationalism, and gay marriage, and astrologists, and fortune tellers, and all sorts of Pharisees, and preachers, and Muftis of radical Islam, and Jihad, and terrorists, but above all – the primeval ignorance of the vast majority of people on the planet, which is based on their dementive consciousness and self-comprehension.

      The Global public consciousness consists from national public consciousnesses, which can have different degree of morbidity with social dementia. The degree of their incidence can be traced by looking at the statistics published annually by the UN "Human Development Reports" - http://report.hdr.undp.org/ . The degree of incidence of a national public consciousness is characterized primarily by the degree of morbidity with dementia of the consciousness of the national leadership of each country on the planet.

      Thus, the first thing that a small reasonable part of Humankind should do immediately, is to recognize the detrimental impact of negative (bad, false, trash, etc.), regressive information and knowledge on the consciousness of the people living on the planet, facilitating to sickness of the social dementia, preventing the development of self-consciousness, correct reflection on the events and phenomena, normal behavior, and to declare the widespread struggle, like the fight against the black pox, for the complete eradication of dementia on our planet.
      With this in mind, we should recognize the great harm of a planetary scale caused by the Edict of Justinian I of 529 year to the further course of human History and progress, in the part relating to the prohibition of the scientific classical Philosophy, formally, publicly condemn and halt the action of the Decree in this part. Such a historical and symbolic step it is planned to make at the next meeting of the Supreme Council of Humankind in Athens, Greece in October 2017. To appeal to editors, publishers and journalists of all media not to place in their editions negative (distorted, harmful, false, trash, etc.) information, fostering the spread among the Earth population of social dementia. As the tuning fork for knowledge to consider the basic principles of the scientific classical Philosophy.

      Secondly, what to do, is, following the "UNESCO Strategy on philosophy", to promote the widespread distribution, starting from school, of the contemporary “Minimum of human and civic knowledge”, formulated on the constantly updated scientific-philosophical noospheric knowledge and practical philosophy, as well as on principles of the most advanced ideology of the present day – Transuniversalism - http://glob-use.org/eng/use/pap/truniv.htm - gradually making healthier the gloomy because of dementia consciousness of inhabitants of the Earth. A big assistance in this could provide non-dementive world media, and even social networks of the Internet. The latest updated ‘Minimum of human and civic knowledge’ can be found on the website of the World Philosophical Forum - http://wpf-unesco.org/

      The third thing, what to do, is to make maximally healthier the disunited by 4000 warring among themselves theistic versions and numerous politicians, hungry for power and wealth, the aggregate world (global) public consciousness of Humanity through correctly-formed, free from dementia, individual consciousnesses of the majority of inhabitants of the Earth additionally educated to the requirements of the XXI century, making them the real Citizens of the Earth-XXI. The number of Citizens of the Earth themselves should be enlarged in the near future through the civic education to the significant number of the planet inhabitants, so that it would be in the total Global public consciousness the overwhelming majority, contributing to its speedy recovery.
      Only through free from dementia, the aggregate Global public consciousness aimed at the COMMON GOOD, the inhabitants in all countries, after becoming Citizens of the Earth, as the united real global force, headed by the Supreme Council of the Humanity - http://glob-use.org/eng/use/sch/index.htm - to which the best minds of the planet with a sense of global responsibility already have been attracted, are capable to lead out the present generation of Humankind from the civilizational impasse on the path of universal unity and progress, to the world without wars, aggression and killings, widespread prosperity in harmony with nature. The Noosphere should by many times exceed the Negasphere, and Progress should defeat Regress!

      There is no need to kill Nonhumans-Dementors and subhumans, or to eliminate them in some way, despite their unhealthy, harmful, dementive consciousness. It is enough to identify them (and in case of their disagreement, to isolate them securely from the healthy part of the society) and to carry with them a re-educational work imputing them a profound study of the Minimum of human and civil knowledge, and knowledge of practical philosophy. They can be allowed back into society only after they would pass successfully the exams on uptaking of this knowledge, receiving then anew the Certificate of human maturity and status Certificate (passport) of a true Citizen.
      Depending on whether some few disjointed and scattered on different continents, genuine people - the Earth Citizens would succeed to become united as quickly as possible, would establish appropriate structure and attract into their ranks subhumans and nonhumans, re-educating and curing them accordingly from dementia-aphrenia, so that they will transfer into an absolute majority on the planet - http://glob-use.org/id.htm - this is how the historical future of Humankind could become safe, and the desirable fate of Life on the Earth and its further protected existence in the Universe is seen.
      According to the conclusions of the scientific Philosophy, the Reason must defeat ignorance, and goodevil, and Humanity, through its evolution will exist in the Universe still for a long time. But according to Theory of probability there could be other variants. Everything depends on civic development, civil position and activity during this critical time of the present generation of Humans, i.e., of us, if we shall succeed to implement in practice this historic mission.

      Those misguided, who hope after his death, to get happily into some "Paradise", they should keep in mind that until now such a place hasn’t been discovered yet in the Universe by scientists. 4000 existing mythologems and theistic versions describe, each in his own, a version of "Paradise" or their version of "getting into heaven", but in reality, nothing like this no one has ever seen that put into question the authenticity of all of this.
      At the same time, through the example of Hiroshima, we can get a real vision of the "hell" on the Earth, arranged by the villains – nonhumans-Dementors and subhumans. Nuclear scientists have left to Humanity in 2017 just 2 and a half symbolic minutes to their senses, to rethink and escape the Doomsday ( http://thebulletin.org/ ). So, while there is no verified information about a "Paradise" in Space, let us construct a kind of PARADISE on the Earth for ourselves and our descendants, and not allow the repetition of the "hell" on our planet.
      The UN, UNESCO, the World Philosophical Forum and the Supreme Council of Humanity are calling upon all inhabitants of the Earth to take a critical look at their Ego and honestly determine their current actual social status from the above – from the Citizen of the Earth (the highest one) to a nonhuman (the lowest). You should not be upset too much, if you understand that your consciousness is affected by dementia to some extent. It's terrible, but you are not guilty. The incorrect national system of upbringing and civic education are to be blamed, which should be improved to become correct. Timely comprehension of dementivity of your personal consciousness will help you quickly to get rid of this disease.
      In any case, we appeal everybody through learning of regularly updated ‘Minimum of civic knowledge‘ (the only known at present effective cure from social dementia) - http://glob-use.org/eng/socr-sch/wczne.htm - to join to the global, supranational community of the Citizens of the Earth - http://glob-use.org/id.htm - thus not giving the nonhumans-Dementors and subhumans to make a real HELL on the Earth and irrevocably destroy Life on the planet, and Humanity itself as such. In this way, Humanity will be able to resolve finally the current systemic crisis and to unite themselves in a single Civic Civilization on the Earth, free from dementia – the Universal State of the Earth – on basis of values and vices, rights and duties proclaimed yet some 2500 years ago by ancient Greek philosophers-thinkers, and understanding of the Universe achieved by modern science, reversing through this the most dangerous course of their historical development.
      For this purpose, everything is already ready. It is enough for each from non-citizens only to send their Application from Internet address - http://glob-use.org/eng/socr-sch/wcznrq.htm - and become an active Citizen of the Earth – a healthy, free from dementia, part of the Global public consciousness, involved in the formation and activities of the organs of civil self-governance of the Universal State of the Earth - http://glob-use.org/eng/use/index-st.htm
      In the twenty-first century Life on the Earth could save not the new Messiah and not a Genius, but only the Unity of people in Global citizenship, i.e. at the present time before Humankind there is only one crucial choice: either
      1) a complete self-destruction of everyone and everything on the Earth from the impacts of dementia and its carriers – the Dementors; or
      2) the deliverance of dementia and its consequences through consolidation into Global citizenship, generating on the planet for the first time in its History, globally responsible, driven by intelligence and high morals, sowing everywhere goodness and justice a political force capable to organize Humankind into a single Universal State of the Earth and defeat everywhere evil, poverty and violence.
      Accession to the Citizenship of the Earth means only the first sign of liberation of your consciousness from the disease of dementia. More complete recovery will become only when you join to active global civil activities for the common good. Until then, your brain will continue to be under the influence of dementing effect of Negasphere, distorting your consciousness, provoking relapses of the disease.

      Meanwhile, fueled by nonhumans-Dementors ignorance of the Earth population enhances degeneration of the Global public consciousness and drop the bowl of weights in favor of the first option – the self-destruction under the influence of dementia. Mind and good will appeal to choose the second option – the universal civil Union – and to fill with it the right bowl of the fateful weights, directing all the inhabitants of the planet on the non-alternative way of Humankind survival, the way of common wellbeing and prosperity, social harmony, of saving the surrounding Nature – the living environment of Humanity and their further progress.

      If you want to avoid the global dangers outgoing from the people sick with dementia, and to accelerate coming of the period of prosperity on the Earth, then do not be indifferent, try to engage your worthy family, and coworkers to embark on this path and become Citizens of the Earth. Otherwise, the left bowl would outbalance and Humanity in the very near future, if will not burn in the fire of the Third world war being blown already by nonhumans and subhumans, then it will suffocate and perish in a rapidly deteriorating environment, facilitating serious diseases, further impoverishment and famine, catastrophes and disasters. Nonhumans-Dementors and subhumans are carrying to Humanity only increasing grief and suffering, which in the XXI century should not be at all! Therefore, everyone who realize this danger, stand on the fight against dementia! Citizens of the Earth of all countries - do your best to multiply and unite into Global citizenship !
      The inhabitants of the Earth, think deeply, if you are still capable for this, and do your correct choice. Only by common efforts we can defeat dementia on our planet and to cure the Global public consciousness. Time does not wait. Humanity is in danger! We begin all together the uncompromising fight against dementia and its carriers – the Dementors – the destroyers of Humanity and Life on the Earth. So, remember that only from your personal involvement depends the further fate of Humanity, the only Intelligent Civilization in the vast expanses of the observable Universe...

      Igor Kondrashin
      SCH Secretary-General
      President of the World Philosophical Forum


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