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of equalization of private wealth hoardings



    In nowadays world in the beginning of XXI century there are different types of national state systems, which differ on economic, political, and many other indicators.
    However, there are indicators of the International statistics that allows the comparison on one of the most important - the proportion of the national income owned by 1% of families in this country.
     This parameter varies between 18% in New Zealand, Belgium and Japan, up to 70 %, as in Russia. For example, in India it is equal to 53%, China - 39%, USA - 37%, in British, France and Italy - 23%. For years, on the whole, this tendency persists.

   As a result, 10% of the Earth population have 48% of the total revenue of Humanity and possess 75% of global wealth, while the remaining 90% of the population have only 25%. Based on the principles of classic morality and social justice, such situation with the distribution of income and wealth cannot be considered normal and fair.

     We should not exclude that some parts of revenue are not always assigned for public benefit activities. In the world there are large financial flows in the trade of arms, drugs, criminal services, as well as from the profit on banking and currency speculations, from monopoly superprofits and corruption.
   It is quite obvious that a major part of these superprofits is spent on immoral luxurious excesses, and can be also used for terrorist purposes and corruption schemes.

     Because of this, in many places of the planet uncontrolled by Humanity armed conflicts and drug traffic continue to exist, as well as corruption and terrorism, while the majority of the planet population is incompetent, ignorant and civically uneducated.
   It is due to their unenlightenment and civical ignorance, 90% of the population have only 25% of all planetary wealth. Immoral breeding, lack of conscience and, as a consequence, a defective consciousness can be noticed in minds of most from the 10% of the planet's inhabitants, who captured 75% of the universal welfare.
      However, the beginning of a new world war and unfavorable for Life human-caused natural disasters and climate changes, bearing the risk of global harm and even self-destruction of Mankind, remain as the most serious threats to Humanity. Unfortunately, Humanity is unable to solve these problems at the national level, even with the help of the UN.

    That's why, on October 7, 2015 at the Constitutional Convention in Athens, Greece the Universal Constitution of Earth was adopted. According to this Constitution, all inhabitants of Earth are suggested through studying of the Minimum of modern civic knowledge to raise the level of their consciousness and become Citizens of Earth-XXI. Both UNESCO authorities and the UN Secretary-General also appeal in recent years to the inhabitants of the planet to foster the sense of global citizenship.
     In accordance with the adopted Constitution, Citizens of the Earth have begun already to create governing bodies of the supranational Universal State of Earth (USE), on the top of which structure the Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) is designated staffed of the most intelligent, wise, moral, fair, with sense of global responsibility citizens of the Earth.
    The first historical meeting of SCH members will be held in October 2016 in Athens, Greece.

     At this meeting it is planned to adopt among other DECLARATIONS also this one with the appeal to all inhabitants of the Earth:

  1. Since the adoption of this Declaration, to consider the classical interpretation of the notions "reason, wisdom, morality, justice and global responsibility" as the superior values on Earth for all its inhabitants without exception ! These values lay grounds to believe that in a fair society the persons' needs must be reasonable, consistent with their socially useful abilities, which should be covered with a fair income, not causing bad feelings among other members of the society.
  2. The absence of knowledge about these notions, as well as sense of conscience in the consciousness of any mature person should be considered as a defect of his mentality, dangerous for the society, which can be overcomed only by means of the relevant universal education and civic learning.
  3. To achieve that all members of the Earth community performed their human and civil statements and actions everywhere only in the spirit of the above highest values.
  4. In the light of the pressing need for universal compliance of these highest values, to consider the equalization of income and wealth on the entire planet as a healthy and reasonable symptom of global justice and universal norms of morality, as well as "equality and fraternity".
  5. To perform the universal alignment of incomes and wealth gradually by imposing a special voluntary progressive USE tax being collected in a special USE Fund for expenditure on the civic education of Earth population, Earth citizens’ health care, enlightment goals, environmental protection and common good.

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