S   U   P   R   A   N   A   T   I   O   N   A   L

5 levels of civil consciousness of a normal human in the XXI century

Levels of civil consciousness                               Localisation of activity                     Governance                 

Level V. Global (supranational) knowledge - Minimum of unified global civil knowledge, and follow them  

Global (Earth-XXI) citizenship

Supreme (supranational) Council of the Humanity and Earth Parliament

Level IV. Country (national) civil knowledge - The national history and civil traditions, and follow them

Country (national) citizenship

Country Head (President, or Prime-minister, or Monarch, etc.) and national Parliament)

Level III. Regional civil knowledge - The regional (territorial and/or ethnic) community history and civil traditions, and follow them  

Regional (territorial and/or ethnic) civil community

Regional Head (Governor) and Parliament

Level II. Local civil knowledge - The local community history and civil traditions, and follow them

Local (municipal, town, city, etc.) civil community

The municipal Head and council

Level I. Family civil knowledge - Primary civic knowledge - standards of civil human behavior in the family, and follow them  

Family community ("Big" family", kin, clan)

Family head or council


Be sure that all five levels of civil consciousness are included in your mind!

If not, then join -

To upgrade your consciousness, you should constantly throughout your life participate in a nearby "circle of civil knowledge"!

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