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Current temperature in different parts of the Earth


The new historical reality of Humanity has started ! -
the creation and establishment of the supranational Universal STATE of the Earth (USE) is progressing !

of the Earth


All those, who are expected to become soon
the Citizens of the Earth-XXI of the USE !

Current Earth Population





Thomas Jefferson
USA President



Igor Kondrashin
WPF President

    From the Declaration of Independence, the philosophical foundation of USA, adopted yet on July 4, 1776 we know the classical Truth "that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shown that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security".
    The present life on the planet shows that such situation has come right now, and the Humanity's future Security is in great danger. On 25 January, this year, the Committee of atomic scientists, which includes 15 Nobel Prize winners, decided to reduce the symbolic time before the End of the world for another half minute. Now only two symbolic minutes are left until the world - Apocalypse.
    According to the opinion of the Committee members, in 2017 the national leaders of the separated sovereign States were unable to respond effectively to the looming threat of the nuclear war and climate change, making the security situation on the planet more dangerous than a year ago and most hazardous since the Second World War. In addition to nuclear and climate threats, new technological developments in the field of informational technologies as weapons began to pose a threat to the world, including the online campaigns of deception aimed at undermining the election and public confidence in the institutions necessary for free thinking and global security.
    The Doomsday clock is an internationally recognized symbolic indicator, which shows how close we are to the destroying our Earth civilization through dangerous technologies of our own production. First is the nuclear weapons, but besides it global threats include climate technologies, new biotechnologies, and cybertechnologies, which can cause irreparable damage, whether by intention, miscalculation or accident, to our way of life and the planet as a whole.
    Having all this in mind, it is necessary for all inhabitants of the Earth to follow UN, UNESCO appeal to join the Global Citizenship and to provide the new Guards for the future Security by creating the Universal State of the Earth.
    It is not only their Right, but it is also their obligatory Duty!! If they will not react quickly, then after some lost time it can be already too late...  

To save England (1805)                               ?????                   To save Humanity (2015)

Humanity expects that every Earth Citizen will do his human and civil duty!
- Igor Kondrashin

Supreme Council
of Humanity (SCH)


Human Development Goal
for Earth-2016 - 2021
- to obtain
the fifth level of consciousness above the four for all the Mankind


Do you have the fifth level in your own consciousness? ... and the other four?
Check and obtain!!!

Be sure that all five levels of civil consciousness are included in your mind!
To upgrade your consciousness, you should constantly throughout your life participate in a nearby "circle of civic knowledge"!

Greece - Athens

The fourth summit meeting of
- will take place in October 03, 2019

to approve new Universal DECLARATIONS !

The four most important Declarations were approved,
which you can support by joining to Global civil community
Universal DECLARATION of civil transeducation
of Earth inhabitants
© WPF 
Universal DECLARATION on Illegality of Wars
on Earth
© WPF 
Universal DECLARATION on Equating Crimes against Nature to Crimes against Humanity 
© WPF 
Universal DECLARATION on Equalization of Private Wealth Hoardings 
© WPF 
SCH Statements for overall distribution on Earth
SCH STATEMENT "On the current situation on Earth in light of recent events" 
© WPF 
SCH URGENT STATEMENT "Earth citizens appeal to fighting parties in the Middle East to stop the beginning of the Third World War" 
© WPF 


The Constitution of the Universal State of Earth (USE) on the basis of Global (Earth-XXI)
citizenship as the firm guarantee of stability and progress for the entire Earth civilization

Reason, Morality, Justice and Responsibility (including Global Responsibility) are the fundamental values for Humanity, but not money, power or property...

USE power is based on Earth-XXI citizens' reason and morality,
manifested through their activity in the next most useful
for Humanity at present public organizations

establishment process is going on
with the universal currency TERO
for operations worldwide

establishment process is going on
with the universal currency TERO
for operations worldwide

Those who want to participate in the promotion of the universal currency TERO,
or to open their accounts in the Earth Bank, or to place their assets in TERO,
they can send their applications to: info@glob-use.org

Quality of Nationality Index

Jawaharlal Nehru
- 1st Prime Minister of India
“Either the world will unite or it will perish.” 
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
- 2nd President of India
“There will be one central authority to which the instruments of coercion will be surrendered and a fraction of the sovereignty of independent nation states will have to be given up for the security of the whole world...” 
Bertrand Russell
- British philosopher, logician, historian, writer, social critic, political activist and Nobel laureate
"Our goal should be the creation of a world government". 
Jan Tinbergen
- Dutch economist,
1st Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics
“Mankind’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is a world government”. 
Albert Einstein
- theoretical physicist,
Laureate of the Nobel
Prize in Physics
“We should demand a fundamentally new way of thinking if mankind wants to survive. The fundamental problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”. 
Winston Churchill
- Prime Minister of
the United Kingdom
“Unless we establish a world government, it will not be possible
for us to avert the World War III”.
John F. Kennedy
- the 35th President of
the United States of America
“We must create worldwide law and law enforcement agency,
and outlaw worldwide war and weapons.”
Mikhail Gorbachev
- President of
the Soviet Union
“An awareness of the need for some kind of global government is gaining ground, one, in which all members of the world community would take part.” 
Pope Benedict XVI
- the previous leader of
the Catholic Church
“Humanity needs the construction of a new governing body (World Government) for the world community with a corresponding moral authority that should have the power to influence in accordance with reason to serve the common good of the Human family.
It is not, of course, the Church’s duty to suggest – from a juridical and political viewpoint – the practical configuration of such an international arrangement, but she offers to those who are responsible for it those principles that can guarantee the anthropological and ethical frame
around the common good.”
Ban Ki-moon
- ex-Secretary-General of
the United Nations
“Our times demand a new definition of leadership - global leadership. They demand a new constellation of international cooperation - governments, civil society and the private sector, working together for a collective global good.” 
Igor Kondrashin
- President and CEO of
the World Philosophical Forum
“On the planet Earth, sooner or later there will be a single civilization: this is the predetermination due to the biological unity of mankind and socio-cultural factors - the exchange of information and mass production and non-productive commodity exchange on a global scale. Globalization is objective, the ways of globalization are subjective. (На планете Земля рано или поздно будет единая цивилизация: это - предопределённость, обусловленная биологически единству человечества и социокультурны-ми факторами - обменом информацией и массовым производственным и внепроизводственным продуктообменом в глобальных масштабах. Глобализация объективна, пути глобализации субъективны.)” 

Their dreams came true !

What universal (common, unified, uniform) features are in the USE

Territory & environment, Citizenship, Civic Education & knowledge, Language of intercommunication, Constitution, Ideology, Leadership, Self-government, Jurisdiction, Morality, Justice, Responsibility, List of Values and Vices, List of Human & Civil Duties and Rights, Reason, consciousness and intelligence, Nationality, Currency (Tero), Personal constructive activity and deeds for the common good, Regulation and coordination, Statistics and mass media
See in details here

What diversity (differences, varieties, variability) are left in the USE

Gender, temper & race characters, Age & health condition, Professional education & profession, World-view, belief, faith, religion and opinions, Cultural traditions & way of life, Place of birth, residence & lifestyle, Conscience & intellect, Climate & weather, Clothes & rituals, Status ranks & relationship, Social positions & well-being, Individual abilities and talants
See in details here

What is being eliminated (destroyed, abolished, revoked) in the USE for ever

Wars, all kind of military clashes, murder, Destruction, debris and negative impact on the environment, Corruption, thievery, cheating, bribery, Double standards, lies, falsehood, Avidity, greed, money-grabbing, aspiration for immense wealth, Capture of hostages and another's property (corporate raid), abuse of power, Obscurantism, fascism, extremism, militarism, Gangsterism, terrorism, extortion, Drug addiction, alcoholism, seduce children (pedophilia), Ignorance, illiteracy, stupidity, Rudeness, vulgarity, anger, Irresponsibility, immorality, parasitism, injustice
See in details here


SCH fully supports WPF struggle against DEMENTIA globally

WPF has started struggle
against DEMENTIA globally

You are -
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human, who worries about Humanity's unpredictable future and can join the fight

According to the most cautious evaluations of WPF experts the mentality of more than three quarters of the Earth population is affected by Dementia in varying degrees, more than half of the planet inhabitants suffer from schizophrenia, or/and oligophrenia (mental retardation) of varying severity, the main manifestations of which are autism and delusional complexes - phobias and manias!

Increasing degeneration of the Global Public Consciousness hurt by Dementia as the most dangerous threat to further existence of Humanity


(the science of consciousness)
in the global fight with Dementia -
the detailed description of the disease


Biophilosophy in action
Look in the Mirror of my Soul

of Dementia online


WPF evaluation of DEMENTIA polarity worldwide

Persons and sociums
with low level of
Persons and sociums
with high level of



USE plan of current events













Forthcoming 2019 events

1) Greece - Athens

a) The 10th (annual - 2019)
WPF Anniversary Annual Dialectical symposium

('PHILOSOPHY as a tool for solution of
individual, social and global problems and challenges')
- October 1 - 5, 2019

b) The regular Annual
Earth summit meeting of

of Humanity

- October 03, 2019

c) Inauguration of
Citizens of the Earth-XXI

- October 03, 2019

2) Special sessions and conferences
in various countries until the end of 2019











If you wish to support the UN Global Citizenship education initiative,
you can join and sign the letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
(but before you should become a Global {Earth-XXI} citizen)

Just write to ikondrashin@yandex.com

The LETTER of Earth-XXI citizens
to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
in support of the UN Global Citizenship education initiative

The most important warnings and recommendations
how to solve Humanity's problems and challenges

The first ever SCH/WPF supranational peacemaking experiment
on the basis of ancient Greek philosophical ideas updated by the World Philosophical Forum
to stop the Third World War that has started and is going in the Middle East, and on the planet,
in accordance with the Universal Declaration on the Illegality of Wars on the Earth!

The first ever SCH/WPF supranational peacemaking experiment
in accordance with the ‘Universal Declaration on the Illegality of Wars on the Earth’


Earth citizens appeal to the fighting parties in the Middle East to stop the beginning of the Third World War!!!

      On behalf of all Earth citizens the Supreme Council of Humanity appeals to all conflicting parties and combatants in the Middle East:
      1. To end all armed clashes and start peace negotiations;
      2. To declare for all Humanity their national, economic, political or ideological interests or claims in the region they wish to reach by war;
      3. To inform the Supreme Council of Humanity’s Secretariat as soon as possible in written form on its e-mail address (info@glob-use.org) of their readiness to maintain a ceasefire and send their authorised representatives to negotiate a Peace Agreement for the Middle East region under the auspices, supervision and participation of the USE Supreme Council of Humanity and the World Philosophical Forum, on the basis of updated ancient Greek principles and universal values of the World Philosophical Forum.

      The Supreme Council of Humanity and the World Philosophical Forum suggest to hold the negotiations for the peace agreement for the Middle East in the European Cultural Center of Delphi in Greece. (In ancient Greece, Delphi was considered as the Centre of the Earth and a sacred place. It was used for settling disputes.)
      If a Peace Agreement on the Middle East is reached, the final signing of the agreement will take place in the Old Parliament House in Athens.

                 The fighting parties in the Middle East:

      1. The United States of America - with President Trump at the Head;
      2. Russia - with President Putin at the Head;
      3. France - with President Hollande at the Head;
      4. Turkey - with President Erdoğan at the Head;
      5. Syria - with President Assad at the Head;
      6. Syrian opposition;
      7. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant;
      8. Kurds;
      9. Iraq;
      10. United Kingdom;
      11. Iran;
      12. Qatar;
      13. Saudi Arabia;
      14. Who else? - please, write to info@glob-use.org

The most interesting comments
on the subject

      All those combatants in the Middle East who do not respond positively to this SCH Statement of the Supreme Council of Humanity are regarded as WAR CRIMINALS, named and shamed (with particular names being mentioned) as inhuman murderers and killers of the civil population in the region (men, women and children), and are to be prosecuted under due process.

      Positive replies were to be received to e-mail address info@glob-use.org from the conflicting parties for everyone’s information on the planet with short description of their interests or claims in the Middle East region which they couldn't reach without WAR.
     But the conflicting parties have ignored the peacemaking appeal of Earth Citizens and didn't response. They continue to fight, to destroy and kill civil population as true murderers.

      All of them can be considered as COMMON ENEMIES of humanity by all peace-loving humans on the Earth.

      The budget of SCH/WPF is very low. So, if you wish to assist the above peacemaking process in the Middle East, you can donate whatever you like from your debit or credit card:

      We would be greateful to you, if you send the information about the transfer of the amount with your name to info@wpf-unesco.org.

*      *      *

      The Supreme Council of Humanity appeals to all inhabitants of the Earth to support its Statement not just by empty talk, but by action – by becoming true Earth-XXI Citizens, see http://glob-use.org/eng/socr-sch/wcznrq.htm
      Please, don't be passive, do your best to distribute all around this information through your contacts, mass media, otherwise it would seem that you wish to support the common enemies of humanity or to die in the nuclear nightmare of a Third World War, or to doom to certain death all your relatives, children, parents, friends and co-citizens.
      Let us together immediately end the war on the Earth that is already taking place in the Middle East and maintain peace. The next generation relies on our common mind:

The planet Earth should never become like a space "Titanic" and disappear in a black hole of the human ignorance !!!

The situation on the Earth becomes more and more terrible:
terrorist attacks in Europe - Paris, Brussels, Barcelona ... - where next one?               the terrorist war in Syria and Iraq.....

The Humanity, ignorant and partitioned, in addition to the horrors of terror, is at brinkmanship being on the edge of “nuclear winter” or self-destruction, which would stop the Life on Earth in general.

All this once again confirms the correctness of the civil educational ideas put forward by the WPF, which should be supported at all social levels and spread in all directions!

There is only one way for everybody to survive still being in progress – to educate civically and unite all habitants of the Earth, and to improve all human self-government on the planet on a new - supranational basis founded on such values as wisdom, reason, morality, global responsibility and justice fighting at the same time such modern vices as double standards, corruption and falsehood.

WPF has started implementation of this plan subject it would be supported by those humans whose mentality allows them to realize the danger of the present situation in the world, who can start their activity in the interests and on behalf of the Humanity as a whole.
With time, all the Humanity sequentially should be involved in the process.

There are 3 stages of universal Socialization, which should be passed by all 7 billions Earth people in series soonest:
Stage 1. Following the Universal ideology of Humanity in XXI century (Transuniversalism) and UNESCO "Medium-Term Strategy for 2014 - 2014" to start formation globally of the Universal Earth-XXI Citizenship;
Stage 2.
Out of Earth-XXI Citizens - to form new, Universal Earth leadership (Earth-XXI Aristocrats);
Stage 3. out of new, Earth-XXI leaders - to form (to elect) according to Universal Earth Constitution new organs of Earth-XXI self-administration by means of establishment of Earth Parliament, the Supreme Council of the Humanity, Earth Government, Earth Supreme Court, Earth Academy, Earth Bank controlling the emission of the single Universal Earth currency, etc.

All these organs of Earth self-administration would become ruling and problems-solving institutions of the single, all-planet supranational State - the Universal State of Earth (USE), actualizing their activity in the interests and for benefit of Earth Citizens, the Humanity as whole, of all living things on Earth.

The planet Earth should never become like a space "Titanic" and disappear in a black hole of the human ignorance !!!

USE primary goals

Universal ideology of the Humanity
in the XXI century

English     English           English                      
























Universal human goals
- top urgent -


1) To fight total present civil ignorance by means of WPF Global learning programs of lifelong civic education & actions for all, to foster civil knowledge and to enlarge World (Earth) global community of certified Earth citizens -"Universal Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP" creating the true unified and modern Earth-XXI CIVILIZATION. Ignorant, civically uneducated inhabitants cannot be certified as Earth-XXI Citizens.

2) To establish and create according to the Universal CONSTITUTION of Earth the planet top governance organs (bodies) of the supranational Universal STATE of Earth (USE) starting from Global Citizenship and SUPREME COUNCIL of Humanity to protect Life and Nature on Earth.

3) To bring peace to all nation-states, military and social groups on the Earth devided by economic, race, gender, national, territorial, ideological, political, beliefs, and other differences and disagreements. To solve all disputes on all social levels amicably through reason, wisdom, morality, justice, and responsibility. If ignorance and lack of civic knowledge do not allow the disputing parties to find an appropriate solution or agreement, they are to appeal to higher levels of USE civil administration, up to the Supreme Council of Humanity.

4) Having Global Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP as established, to declare all wars and military clashes as civil kind, i.e. illegal, and start overall multilateral disarmament. To consider further improvement, trade, storage and/or use of weapons of mass destruction as criminal deeds and crimes against nature and humanity. Everyone involved in this kind of activity found responsible is to be punished severely. Through overall process of coercion to peace, to disarmament, including nuclear weapons, to redistribute the released funds for universal civic education, environmental protection, and health care.

5) The Nature and Life on planet Earth are unique and can be easily destroyed. This reality obliges all humans to fight for the preservation of the natural environment, flora and fauna as well as cultural heritage of world significance. All acts of their pollution and destruction should be considered as criminal deeds and crimes against nature and humanity. Everyone involved in this kind of activity found responsible is to be punished severely.

6) Through universal upgrading of individual knowledge and education, as well as socially-oriented governance of civil population to reduce the wealth difference between rich and poor segments of the population on the planet. The excess money from wealthy to add to funds for universal civic education, environmental protection, and health care.

7) To summon the most prominent members of the nowadays generation of the Humanity (scholars, thinkers, philosophers, ex-Head of national states, of national Governments, International organizations, etc.) to form (staff) the SUPREME COUNCIL of Humanity and that should become from now on the top mind, wisdom, morals and conscience of Humanity as a whole.








USE present activity
through uniform

English     English           English            


















Join USE Global Citizenship
and its activity

- practical implementation:

Establishment & gradual formation of
the single, all-planet, supranational

Universal State of Earth

will develop through uniting more and more
planet's national states sequentially into:

Earth-XXI Union -
the United States of Earth-XXI -
global Federation of States

Establishment and start of the work of:

Supreme Council of the Humanity, Earth Parliament, the Earth Government, Earth Supreme Court, Earth Bank, Earth Academy, etc.;

Next principles are to be obligatory for everyone on Earth:

- the rule of reason, morality, justice and personal (including global) responsibility everywhere on the planet;
- the interests of the Humanity are supreme;
- there should be only one top level nation on the Earth - Earthmen (terrestrials);
- there should be only one Universal language on Earth for human intercommunication - international English;
- there should be only one main, unified, Universal ideology on Earth - Transuniversalism;
- there should be only one for all on Earth, a unified Universal List of values and vices;
- there should be only one for all on Earth, a unified Universal List of human duties (responsibilities) and human rights;
- the Earth planet becomes forever without borders for real Earthmen.










The creation of the Universal State of Earth (USE) on the basis of Global (Earth-XXI)
citizenship is the firm guarantee of stability and progress for the entire Earth civilization

If you sense yourself a Human being having the mentality level of the XXIst century
with a developed consciousness based on wisdom, reason & morality,
you are welcome to join the USE citizenship !


USE background and past events


«Global Education First Initiative (GEFI)»,
proclaimed by
United Nations
«Teachers for 21st Century Global Citizenship»
«Sustainable development goals»,
United Nations'
Open Working Group proposal

UNESCO Strategy
on Philosophy
Medium-Term Strategy
2014 - 2021
Education Strategy
2014 - 2021

«Millennium Development Goals»,
proclaimed by
United Nations
«Global Development Goals of Humanity in
the 21st century»

"You can't solve a problem on the same level that it was created.
You have to rise above it to the next level."                                   

Albert Einstein

Greece - Athens

Constitutional Convention
- October 6 - 7, 2015


"There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world:
and that is an idea whose time has come."                                       

Victor Hugo

of Earth (USE)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  

Margaret Mead

USE roots
Is your worldview quite modern?
Check !

Introduction ideas
to think about
of USE social activity

Motto &

ruling organs &

USE Global learning program
of lifelong civil education & action for all


If you feel fit enough and ready to obtain the necessary set of
obligatory for every Human being-XXI civil knowledge and
be inaugurated with the higher Earth civil status, you are welcome
to send your application for Earth-XXI Citizen certification to:


Socratic Philosophical School
for educating and certification as
Earth-XXI Citizens - for Global citizenship

Having become Citizens of the Earth-XXI people get the opportunity to live
on the planet as a uniform community friendly and peacefully.
But to be so, they must ensure that ALL inhabitants of the planet became
Citizens of the Earth-XXI and continue their lifelong learning

Citizens of the Earth-XXI should multiply their number in all countries and regions,
uniting all over the planet. They should unify ideology, the legislation and political technologies, moving gradually towards a global self-governance, by involving in it
the best out of the best, thus forming the new Global leadership

The process of forming Earth-XXI Citizenship & Leadership
should proceed gradually, but rather actively. Peoples and countries
can compete for the growth not of their population in general,
but of %% of the
Citizens of the Earth-XXI listed worldwide.

(Wisdom & Morality
- to Humanity)

Global community statistics growth in all countries of the world
Global leaders statistics growth in all countries of the world
"USE-WPF Professors"
on civic knowledge
- World List

Citizens of the Earth-XXI in their TOP global civil status cannot
deceive, steal, have "dirty" money, plunder and/or kill !!!
Only they are capable to act & work together for a collective global good !
Only with the growth of their number around you and including you
most of the known vices will gradually disappear from the face of the Earth forever.

Forthcoming historical reality -
formation of Supranational Universal STATE of Earth (USE)

of Earth


The already started activity -
creation of the Supreme Council of the Humanity (SCH)

Supreme Council
of the Humanity (SCH)

of all started USE activity -
to help
fragmented, ignorant & corrupted, with lost morals, disorderly Earth POPULATION

to become
educated, enlightened & integrated, wisely & reasonably self-governed Earth CIVILIZATION

- Global single CIVIL megasociety fully responsible for Life on Earth, human activity and stable development of the Earth bio- and noosphere.


Thus you are kindly invited to join our activity
to reach the USE principal goal sooner !
In fact this is in your own personal interest...

 USE is a supranational formation yet without budget.
If you cannot join our activity personally right now but still wish the USE principal goal to be reached sooner, then just


Upcoming & future Universal State of Earth events

of Humanity

The annual
Earth summit meeting

- Athens, Greece
- October 03, 2019


the 8 th (annual) Dialectical Symposium
Main conference
October 1 - 5, 2019


We coordinate & co-operate with:

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
Council for Research in Values & Philosophy (RVP)
World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA)

GUSI Peace Prize" Foundation
- the Asian counterpart of Nobel Peace Prize Award

If you have some prominent name, who fits the nomination standards, you can suggest this name to e-mail: info@wpf-unesco.org stating the reason of such a nomination

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